Saturday, February 03, 2007

More on my sis and the snake

Someone commented on my post the other day:

I read this posting early AM and I've been reflecting on it all day. Isn't this more about moving the woman/children, than removing the snake? My heart was so moved by the generous gift of food given her, but the whole thing is so much more sad/complicated than getting rid of the snake... and here I am... making comments like I know everything... IH

IH is right; this is so much more sad/complicated than getting rid of the snake. I've been thinking a lot about it too.

I cannot imagine being so completely powerless, so without recourse or resource, so abandoned.

If I had a cobra sunning itself on the front steps, I could pick up the phone and call one of probably 20 different friends or relatives who would drop everything to be here in 5 minutes with a hunting rifle. In addition, there's a government agency that disposes of cougars, so they'd probably show up for cobras as well, and I could call a pest-control place and pay them whatever it took.

So, even though there's nothing much I could do personally, there's a whole network of people who would help me out.

Then there's the whole other matter of having adequate housing, food, education, and medical care.

Some time ago, Becky put out a request for donations for medicine for these widows and children, and got way more money than she'll need for meds. So she's looking into starting a micro-enterprise to help these women be self-supporting. The best solution would be to change people's hearts so they'd look after widows, but since that's not within our power, I think the best we can do in this case is to make a way for this widow and others to support themselves.

If you have advice for Becky, send it to me. She feels very green at this.

Quote of the Day:
"In my opinion, casseroles increase their value by decreasing their peas. There's an inverse relationship there."
--Emily, who applies math to everyday life


  1. There are organizations that have done micro loans for awhile already that it seems your sister could learn from. One is MEDA [Mennonite Economic Development Associates]. She could check their website. Edith

  2. That quote of the day sounds just like Emily.
    I love your post, especially the quotes of the day!
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thank you so much for the compassion you all have shown for "my" "widows and orphans in thier distress". Even here among the foreigners and wealthier locals I often feel alone with my compassion. I have been touched by the commments and concern by you all. And yes,I welcome any and all advice about micro-enterprise!

  4. dorcas dorcas,

    we love you and your blog and decided it's about time to give you something in return. and so we wish to send you our christmas letter (don't laugh - we were waiting until it snowed). if you wish to receive it, please send us your address. (note: paul is honourably mentioned inside).

    jen (burkholder) byler

  5. I think probably all of my children agre with emily on the peas. : )

  6. see you in two weeks=)