Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Phone Calls

Here are some of today's phone calls:

--Rita called about her daughter and mine, and where they're going to practice their skit after school in preps for Bible Club tomorrow night.

--Lynn from the Junction City library called me about my talk next week to the Friends of the Junction City Library and am I going to be selling books there, (yes) and in the process she told me all about this wonderful ten-day music camp for high schoolers that sounds like it would be a great opportunity for Steven in a few years. It's in Eugene and taught by Anton Armstrong of St. Olaf College in Minnesota. (Incidentally, I was at St. Olaf for five days, once upon a time, learning not music of course but how to put a yearbook together.)

--My sis Margaret called and wished me a happy Valentines Day and also (applause for her) wondered what size Jenny is, because she wants to sew something for her. In the middle of this call,

--Paul called my cell phone and wondered where his lunch was, as I normally send it with one of the children. GROOOAAANN...I forgot to pack it. And on Valentines Day yet. My sis chewed me out good, as all good sisters should in such a case.

--A guy from Louisville, Kentucky, called about an orchardgrass seed order. I liked talking to him because he Yes-Ma'amed me so nicely.

--I called Paul's Aunt Allene in Arizona, since she needed Steven's stats for the Smucker genealogy book. Two paragraphs into the conversation I forgot that I had called her and thought she called me, and this idea continued through lots of long pauses and stretched-out conversation until the light finally dawned in my brain and I hastily ended the conversation. Arrgghh. I hate it when I do that.

--Simone called to see if she could borrow my carpet shampooer since her son threw up on the carpet last night. (Yes, gladly)

I spend a lot of time on the phone. Most of it's good.

Quote of the Day:
"Safety pins and Scotch tape are a Mennonite girl's best friends."
--anonymous Mennonite girl


  1. Dorcas, I have never looked at a blog before -- and wow! you put me in yours. Today. How cool is that! Lynn-the-librarian

  2. The true Mennonite girl also has one more great friend...the clearance racks!

  3. I bet that girl hated mending just like I do. (see my latest blog) :)

  4. Along with the clearance racks, Goodwills/thrift stores are Mennonites' and anyone else trying to pinch pennies' greatest friends! I say anyone else because I have non-Mennonites who frequent Goodwills and children's consignment shops as much as I do.