Sunday, January 20, 2008

Doing Good

You know, sometimes you do what seems like the right thing and it turns out to be the wrong thing.

So this evening after church I was talking with Konrad and his lovely wife Shannon and admiring their three adorable children. I forget what we were discussing, just chitchat. And then I noticed that from the shoulder of Konrad's jacket hung an unmistakable green Goodwill tag. Now one of the things I appreciate about Konrad is that he is an expert on good and bad Goodwills, and you can tell him about some bargain you got, and he'll be happy for you.

Konrad also has a unique sense of humor. I appreciate that too.

Anyway, if you shop at Goodwill you know that they don't actually hang price tags on everything. They just pop on these skinny plastic color-coded tags, and every week certain colors are half price. Paul has several times gone out in public with a tag hanging off his shirt or pants, which I of course rectified when I discovered it.

So without even thinking I said, "Oh! You bought this jacket at Goodwill," and I reached out and yanked off the tag.

I expected Konrad and Shannon to look amused at their own oversight. Instead they looked shocked.

You know, that is a horrible feeling, to get the distinct sense that you just did something wrong, unknowingly.

Well. It turns out that the front of Konrad's jacket says Holiday Rambler. So when people would ask him if he owns a Holiday Rambler, he would say, "Ahem, no. . ." and direct their attention to the green plastic tag on his shoulder.

And then I ruined it all.

Of course I blundered around saying I was sorry. Of course he forgave me.

But still. Maybe I've been a mom too long, instinctively snaking out my arms to turn down upturned collars, brush off stray hairs, and tuck in shirts. In fact, at the last church potluck, a grandpa was talking to me with a drop of pie on his chin and it was all I could do not to whip out my napkin and wipe it off. I guess Konrad can be thankful I didn't find a little smear on his face and spit on a kleenex to wash it off.

Quote of the Day:
Emily: Did you know that it's bad luck to walk under a ladder?
Jenny: That's just old. . . dumby stuff.
Emily: You mean old wives' fables?
Jenny: Old UN-wise fables!


  1. Ah, Dorcas, it made perfect sense from your perspective and I shan't hold it against you! You had no way of knowing that green was the "half-off" color that day, that I'd owned the coat for over a year, and that it was my "humble dent" for that particular jacket. Beside that, yes, as a man, it was highly likely that I simply hadn't noticed the tag poking its little head out from beneath the collar. (You also could have added in your story about how my wife expressed that she'd been wanting to yank it off herself for some time! :-) Ah well, life happens...someone at work turned 40 last week and I went to lunch in a limo. Ya win some, ya lose some!


  2. LOL on your last paragraph. My mom once reached over and neatly cut up the steak on the plate next to her - it happened to belong to another adult at a company dinner!

    And the Goodwill tags, well my family has been notorious for at least three generations for forgetting to remove those little frugality notification devices :-)