Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today's Column. . .

is about (what else?) my big kids leaving home. See it here.


  1. Yes, Precious one, you will be alright!~Edith

  2. I can SO relate! My 3rd of 4 will be getting married in all liklihood this year, just leaving my 17+ year old son at home. My oldest daughter turns 30 this coming Sunday and I feel like I've been doing this MOM thing for so long, I can't remember a life before children! When my daughter had her 1st baby I told her,

    "Enjoy this time you have with her because from this point forward, you are teaching her how to move AWAY from you!"

    You hold them safe and snug within you for what seems like the longest 9 months of your life. When they're grown, if you have done your job right, they have learned to live without you.

    I see the cycle of life in my older daughters as my grandbabies are growing up, one just started kindergarten this year! Now it's their turn.


  3. So very sad but true. I remember our Senior pastor trying to relate that to us! Still you can't really understand it, till it happens to you.

  4. be thankful you have children to come home to you for the holidays. i personally do not have any children yet, but i know many families who wish they could have their children around them over the holidays, and cannot, either because they have passed on, or because they do not have a good relationship with their child.

  5. Wonderful column. I need the reminder that these stressful days with an 8, 6, and 4 year old are to be treasured! I've got to remember that. Sometimes I'm just so shortsighted and intent on getting a break after they're all in bed.

    And I always get a lump in my own throat when I hear people relate God's personal touches in their own lives, like the quilting class...His eye on us, little sparrows that we are!

  6. Let the tears come, let the tears go.. Your children will love you for it. I'm having some similar emotions these days about second son