Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Day

I love snow. We woke today to just enough snow to turn the yard white but with green circles still visible under the pine trees. But it was still snowing, a gentle wash of huge flakes that kept coming down down down.

Is it wicked to hope that church will be cancelled? Well, I did, wicked or not. Paul refused to start the decision/calling process--he decides this for school every time, he said, he's going to let someone else decide for church.

Then Arlen called and said his kids went to clean the church parking lot and it's very slippery. And it was still snowing. So, no church. We didn't want older ladies sliding on the parking lot, although Matt said seeing that would be fun if it weren't so mean.

The gleeful children got out of their church clothes and into snowsuits and out they went. I joined them after a while, walking down the road, making a snowman, turning my face to the sky to watch the snow fall and feel the cold flakes on my cheeks.

I love snow. I just absolutely and passionately love snow. Walking along, kicking thick white chunks in front of me, bundled up warmly, I could feel three months' worth of SAD slipping away and a wonderful lightening take its place.

It snowed and snowed and snowed. I went for another walk in the afternoon. At last, at last, winter was just what it ought to be.

How did I ever end up living in a place where it hardly ever snows? Normally, you know, it rains here, and winter is wet and sloppy and drippy.

And my girls love the rain. Amy rhapsodizes on her blog about the beautiful Oregon rain. Emily feels so cozy when it's raining outside. "Don't you love the scene in the new Pride and Prejudice where he proposes in the rain? Isn't that so romantic?" she says.
"Romantic?" I snap. "It looks wet and miserable, and how romantic is that, to propose with water dripping off your nose? Now to get proposed to in the twilight, in the gently falling snow, that would be romantic."
"In the SNOW??? Romantic? You can't be serious."

Paul said he'll be sure to tell that future young man to propose to Emily in the rain, if we approve of him, and in the snow if we don't.

Most of the snow stayed, so we stayed home this evening as well. And played games.

I do not like card/table games (except for occasional word games). Paul is the game-player/good parent of the family, who sits at the kitchen table for interminable Risk and Settlers of Catan games with the kids, while I read the Oregon Life section of the newspaper.

So at about 5:30 today I had taken my last walk in the snow and the others had finished their Monopoly game. Paul gathered the troops for another game and they decided to go with Emily's suggestion, Phase 10, a card/number game of mostly luck (bad, usually, for me), a bit of skill, and endless deliberating by the smaller Smuckers. I decided to be a good mom for once and play too.

We played. I answered the phone and made fruit smoothies for everyone, whirring the blender and adding bananas between turns. We played more. I snuck off and checked email while Emily dealt out cards. More turns. I texted Paul and told him he was cute. I called Matt to make sure he's ok, since he was stuck in Corvallis all day. The game went on and on and on. I couldn't get two sets of four to save my life. We all ate ice cream bars. The boys sang songs from Shrek and Remember the Titans. Still the game went on. I tried and tried and tried to get seven cards of one color. Paul knew good and well I needed a red card, but he refused to lay one out, which I was sure was proof he doesn't love me after all. Emily sided with Paul. I was determined to be a good mom, and kept playing, with a new appreciation of the true essense of eternity in Heaven. Finally Paul had mercy on me and suggested I leave the game at 8:30. So I did. I am a bad mom but I would be a worse one if I turned into a raving maniac with inch-long fingernails and cobwebs draping from my ears, weeks from now, still waiting for that last 6 so I could lay out my cards.

Quote of the Day:
"The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, and what shall poor robin do then, poor thing?"
--Mother Goose. Emily tried to help the poor birds today by sprinking sesame seeds on the porch rail, but they didn't find them.


  1. I did the same thing....went on a walk in the utter stillness and lifted my face toward the sky...It was a glorious moment...
    Sounds like you had fun today.

  2. Dorcas, i have been reading your blog since i wrote you last Oct. i marvel daily as i read you voicing many of the thoughts and cries of my own heart, even though we are from two completely different worlds. Oh, how i'd love to walk in the snow, look up and watch the flakes drifting toward me while i open my mouth and try to catch some. Is there a more beautiful sight then wathing snow peacefully drifting toward the earth and then forming a beautiful white blanket? i doubt it. Thanks for cooling me off while i sit here in Thailand in the 90 plus degrees (today was a cool one!). Love hearing your heart. It echos so much of my own. Thanks, cathy

  3. I sure wish more preachers wife's would be more real and not so holy all the time. You do make me laugh!

  4. You're so funny, Mom.

  5. I love snow! and like you rain does not a thing for me. I was wishing for a "snowed in" Sunday yesterday, but then not all our children were home, so it was o.k. I love reading your blog. thanks for sharing!

  6. I could totally relate to this post, from the snow to the games! Only I am hardly ever the REAL mom and play the games...unless its word games that involve fast talking. Then everybody wants me on their side! Pauline

  7. I TOTALLY do not relate!!I stayed inside and enjoy looking out on a beautiful scene and my kiddos thoroughly enjoying themselves!! I for one have not even walked off the porch!! My nice cozy house is the place for me along w/ a cup of coffee,blanket and a good book!! Games were played here too!! We all enjoyed that--Dominos and Probe were the games of chose at this house!Sharon

  8. Dorcas, this was probably one of my favorites of your posts! Just the kind of day I love. A nostalgic picture of normal family life, except that it's not so normal anymore. The picture you painted at the end had me laughing out loud in the BMABI computer room. Things are going well here, by the way.

  9. Ezra Jack Keats...You'd make a good subject for his winner of a book...

    And You Are A Writer because you get all these comments all the time. So there. And don't challenge me. Don't ask me to clarify.

  10. I'm right with you on the snow! It's beautiful and so peaceful and it just makes me happy.

  11. Dorcus-I'm a mom in Newberg, Oregon. I found your writings in the Register Guard a couple of years ago while visiting my in-laws in Eugene. You write beautifully and I've often said to my husband-wow, I wish I could be friends with her! Anyway, I have read both your books and I would love for you to come speak to our Women's Bible Fellowship at Newberg Friends Church. You can contact me through our family website at
    Grateful for you, and God's messages you share with the world. Michelle

  12. Dear Doris,
    I am pleased to find that you are doing the blogging thing. I'm not a blogger, nor a reader, but I am a fan. I was looking at a friend's blog and saw the curious name of the blog and WOW! It's Doris Smucker. I'm not sure if we met, but when I see you around town, you're "Doris Smucker". What I have read in the RG I have enjoyed, and even cried. So cheers to your writing! Perhaps I'll be a reader, and read your book. CAN

  13. Thank you so much for your post about the snow--I feel the exact same way as you. Winter sends me into the 'blahs' unless we get snow. Immediately my spirits are lifted and I am a child again, jumping up and down screaming happily about the snow.
    My kids are divided on snow vs rain being best--but I KNOW snow is best:) And in this case "mom knows best"!

  14. Since you love snow so much, maybe you should talk to Paul about taking a sabbatical from pastoring in Oregon. You could move to Sioux Lookout for at least a year. He could be principal at Cornerstone Christian School and you could walk in the snow everyday from November until April.

    P.S. Who knows your daughters might even get a proposal in the snow!

  15. So you can take the girl away from the snow, but you can't take the love of snow away from the girl?! I love the change of my four seasons, and to me it isn't winter unless there's snow and cold!

  16. The Magic of Snow.

    It was around Christmas-1952 and my girlfriend and I had been browsing in Mutter Bros., a fascinating old-time grocery store in Brandon, Manitoba. When we came out it was snowing. Rosser Avenue was busy with shoppers passing by in each direction oblivious to our little world. As I stood talking to my friend I noticed the snow floating down and landing in her hair. Each flake was like a jewel. As each one landed I became aware that she was becoming a princess. I could feel my heart beat stronger and felt a rush at seeing her transform into such a beautiful snow maiden.

    I learned that day how snow is sometimes magical. Rain on the other hand can wash and refresh the landscape but it lacks the romance of snow flakes in a woman’s hair.