Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2008, from our family to yours.
(from left--Steven, Ben, Amy, Dorcas, Paul, Emily, Jenny, Matt)

The guys.

The girls.

The parents.

(photo credit: Ruth Swartzendruber)


  1. Nice family pic. Happy New Year to you yoo!

  2. grrr..."too"....not "yoo" lol

  3. Happy New Year! Deelightful looking bunch!

  4. I've enjoyed your blog in 2007 and am sure I will in 2008! Happy New Year from Colorado :)

  5. Oh! You look far, far too young to be mama of all those handsome children!

    Thank you for your blog. I've been a happy lurker for a few months now.

  6. I just found out, thanks to my mother's detective work, that I know your sister-in-law, Barb. We attended MBS back in 1985 and 1986! When she was here in Indiana last spring (?) for a family wedding, we got to catch up over coffee, which was a treat. My husband's family lived in Oregon for a few years and is familiar with the area that you-all are in. (They used to be neighbors to John and Marilyn Yoder, if you know them, who are actually my relatives.) How's that for the traditional Mennonite game? :)

    I do some writing as well, having a column for the Goshen News, our local paper. This is a new venture for me and it's through that, actually, that someone sent me a link to your blog. It's always nice to see family-friendly content, whether in books, in the paper, or on the web.


    Rhonda Schrock

  7. Nice pictures!Thanks for sharing them. You remind me alot of Hope whats-her-name from Minnesota.

  8. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those are really nice family pictures! I guess I never realized your baby girl was a redhead!