Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Matt and Mrs. Obama

Matt has told his sisters that before they get serious about a guy, he's going to play basketball with him, having observed many times that what you see on the court is not always what you see at other times.

So I found this very interesting, from a Slate article about Michelle Obama:

So when Michelle first brought Barack around that summer, Robinson says, "He was just another one who wasn't going to make it. Not that she had a lot of boyfriends, because she didn't; it was hard to pass muster with my sister. He had a gauntlet to go through." Her sense of purpose matched his, and that was important as they met each other's friends—and each other's challenges. Before she even agreed to go on a date, "she asked me to play basketball with him. Not to see [how good a] player he was, but because she'd grown up hearing my dad and I say you can tell a lot about a guy on the basketball court." And the findings? "No personality flaws with respect to the basketball evaluation, so they started dating."

Edited to add:
"Anonymous" commented:
You're stretching it a bit here, Mrs. Smucker!! Comparing Matt to Mrs. Obama could be construed as "political".
Yes, well, I've decided that it's a good thing we ex-Amish don't get involved in politics, and this is why: I don't agree with a lot of Obama's policies but I keep making excuses for him in my head because he might be related to Steven, who was a Luo from the Kisumu/Kakamega area of western Kenya, and so was Obama's dad. And Odinga (the opposition guy in Kenya) says he's related to Obama too--how about that.


  1. Interesting I watched Bush give the State of The Union Adress this week Obama sat there looking very unimpressed and disaproving and would NOT applaud he had a look that said I will not no I will not

  2. You're stretching it a bit here, Mrs. Smucker!! Comparing Matt to Mrs. Obama could be construed as "political".

  3. Barack lacks majorly, apparently his bro didnt have a good enough personality (etc) test... Tell your son he needs to make sure he doesnt make the same mistake!lol I thought the post was funny though. Dont get me wrong. I just HUGELY dislike Barack Obama! :)

  4. Matt is a "cagey" young man...and I wholeheartedly agree. The real you always shows up in a "no blood - no foul" game.

  5. I think it would be kinda cool if Obama would be elected. After what the South did to slaves...maybe its time to put a african american in as a president...