Monday, February 25, 2008

All We Like Sheep

All the cool young people are doing these quizzes so I made one too. You can take mine here.

As you can see, when you're a mom you try to make questions about yourself but pretty soon they're all about your family.


  1. 20% -- I only got twenty percent right!

    What's that going to do to my psyche?

    (To say nothing of my day?)

    I only got 8 and 10 correct.

    Are all the correct answers found somewhere in The Shoe?

    (I was briefly tempted to construct a cheat sheet.)

  2. Mark--so sorry about the poor score (snort, chuckle) and your bruised psyche.
    Some of the answers have been mentioned on The Shoe, others not.
    Maybe you could make a cheat sheet, advertise it online, and get rich. (snort, chuckle)

  3. I only got three right. Tink sits here and watches me and says, "Mama, you dont know your friends very well. I cant believe you only got three right!" Well neither can I!

  4. Well of course I never get suckered into these quizzes but since Mark did, well I fugured it was safe for me...I mean what could be so hard right?...yikes!...I actually managed a 40 and it really bothers me that I would have got 60 if I had followed my first reaction on two others ;(

  5. I would have gotten another one right, hope was that you both really, really did want to go teach at IGo in Thailand. I was so disappointed to get that one wrong. Would Paul be interested in teaching a three week term there in 2010? These things can be arranged you know.


  6. I didnt do too bad...but thought maybe I should try it again. Wanna bet that I could probably get 100% the second time? (I know...i know that was a lame joke)