Thursday, February 28, 2008

Martha and Eggs

Some time ago, in a burst of domestic ambition and probably a high fever, I read a Martha Stewart book on decorating your house. I learned that you should have green steel science-lab cabinets in the kitchen, and it's ok to spend all summer travelling across the country collecting antique glassware at flea markets, and you don't need curtains, and a few glass bottles on the windowsill are all the decor you need in the bedroom, but in the kitchen you need custom-built shelves in every corner and on every vertical surface for all that glassware you bought on your summer travels. I kid you not.

Anyway. I remember that Martha said that you shouldn't just pick a random color of paint for your walls. The colors need to be subtle, and blended, and have many different layered tones in a single color of paint. It seems the Martha Stewart brand of paint was best for all this, strangely enough.

We came back from Florida last week to find that Steven's 8 chickens had all of a sudden started laying like crazy. I get such a rush out of those eggs. Besides the fact that they make the most delicious breakfast you ever ate, they are just so pretty. I think the subtle colors and blended tones have Martha Stewart and her paint beat all to shreds.

Quote of the Day:
"Jenny, don't barf in that bucket! There's headphones in there!"

--Ben, during a recent flu attack at our house (where else?)


  1. I've never in my life had a farm fresh egg. Everyone says they are so much better. But I've been warped into thinking that the only "safe, clean" eggs are those that come in cardboard cartons with a date on the package and are bright white. I hope I get the chance and the courage someday to experience the beauty of God's many colorful creations. It's like you don't even have to dye your eggs at cool.
    Love, Sheltered City Girl

  2. Those are lovely. We kept chickens when I was a child and I loved seeing all the different colors of eggs. I did not like having to be the one who collected them. Our rooster used to attack me, so my dad killed him.

  3. What a beautiful picture! You should enter that in the Fair, or something !!!

  4. now have the green about some ham?

  5. It's amusing how the eggs seem to jiggle in the picture when you scroll up and down. At least with our mouse.

  6. Lovely colors. Lovely eggs. Martha Stewart would be impressed. She might even feature those eggs in her magazine as the photo of the month with the title in big bold letters, "Subtle Tones". Underneath in tiny letters you'd see, "Photographed by Dorcas Smucker for Martha Stewart Living".
    I love reading your blog! -Karen

  7. I thought Martha actually had a line of paints, or paints inspired by, araconda eggs (is that the right word or am I talking about snakes?) - the pretty ones with all the pastel tones.

    Apparently she is rubbing off on you.

  8. JustMe--I looked this up. A breed of hens: araucana.
    A breed of snakes: anaconda
    Let's not think about what would hatch out of an araconda egg.