Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today's Letter from Harrisburg. . .

. . .is about snow, memories, blizzards, Prune Loaf--things like that.
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  1. That brought back many memories for me. We lived through the '77','78' blizzards in Ohio. Then in the summer of '79' my dad died very suddenly at the age of 42 and for that reason snow storms always remind me of those last years with dad.
    Emily watch Mr. Harrison propose to Anne,in "The Sequel of Anne of Green Gables". Pretty romantic! I side with your mother!

  2. Ahh, I have but vague memories of the infamous blizzerd of '75. I was four yrs. old.. it was our first MN winter. I too remember the excitment, tinged with a bit a fear of the unknown. The guys all bundled up till they looked like bandits, holding hands as they stumbled through the drifts, howling wind and snow to get to the barn. My mom sitting by her sewing machine, scratching frost off the window trying to see out... usually there was white-outs and you couldn't even see the garage across the lane. I lay on my belly on the living room floor watching the older kids played a looooong game of monopoly. There would be many more tales to add.. I have a hard time knowing what I actually remember and what has been ingrained in my mind by the pictures and others retelling of the event.
    We just survived a week-end of minus -22 with windchills of -45. But with no snow to accompany it, it's just not as dramatic!