Thursday, February 21, 2008

Florida VI--Comparisons

Yankee Mennonite Man:

Slick comb-over
White or blue button-down shirt
Proper and nice
Bonus point:
Not chewing gum

Florida Mennonite Man:

Fluffy hair on top or a bit long in the back
Open neck polo shirt or button shirt in red or gray
A bit suave
Bonus point:
chewing gum

Yankee Mennonite Woman:

No poof (with rare exceptions)(ahem)
Christopher and Banks clothes or pretty homemade dresses
Dress shoes or sandals

Florida Mennonite Woman:

No poof (with rare exceptions)
Christopher and Banks clothes
White tennis shoes or sandals


Douglas firs
Wild, rugged coast
Log trucks and old Volkswagen vans
Vegan options on menu
Espresso coffee
Bikes(skinny, sleek, fast; hunched riders)
Fresh strawberries in June


Palm trees
Placid coast with seashells and high-rise hotels
Shiny BMW's and Mitsubishi Spyders (ahem)
Grits on breakfast menu
Iced tea
Bikes (wide, placid, slow; upright riders)
Fresh strawberries in February

Legal disclaimer: Personal observations only. Generalized conclusions. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Research not conducted by accredited firm. +/- 50% margin of error. May reduce your cholesterol up to 4% if eaten as part of a low-fat diet and consistent exercise program. Consult physician or medical care provider. No refunds.


  1. Lady, you are just too good. All these comments about FL are ...... I don't know a good word to say.......

    I've been reading you for a little while now but have been quiet. Today I couldn't stand it any longer. =)

    The essay on being a minster's wife completely charmed me as well and the different ones about your snows and the typical family life, etc. It's all just so GOOD... Be sure to thank your family for letting you take the time to write.

    (I doubt you know me but I have an idea who you are since my bro. lived in your growing-up area for a short time some decades ago. )

  2. It's so fun to find other BMA family's blogs. I just disovered you a couple days ago. My husband was also in Florida, but only for his one day of committee meetings (he serves on the MTC Committee). I appreciate your thoughts- and the way you make me laugh! Blessings to you! Angela

  3. I couldn't wait to get home from sarasota because as I told Mark,"I can't wait to hear Dorcas' perspective on this week-end.I know it will be goood!!!" Boy, was I right. It was so good to chat with you again.and yes, you and Paul were simply too cool with your convertible. My children were totally totalllly impressed.(Preachers from the west Coast are obviously more upscale than the southern country ones!!ha)Love,