Friday, February 08, 2008

I Like Craigslist

I became enamored with Craigslist when we were shopping for living room furniture. It's a website broken down into lots of localized spinoffs where you can advertise almost anything for sale, ask for things you need, and lots more. It's not nearly as complicated as Ebay and much better for big things like couches that you can't ship in the mail.

(I tried linking it here but it keeps going back to the Eugene site. . . I guess you can look at it here and click on your own state/town.)

Recently Emily wanted a file cabinet to organize her multitude of notebooks, so I placed a wanted ad on Craigslist and got a reply from a used-office-furniture place in Eugene. We went in last week and got a nice cheap black 4-drawer file cabinet, which Emily promptly decorated with pink painted polka dots when we got home. And then we stowed it under her loft bed and she has been happily sorting and filing.

While I was shopping for the file cabinet I came across a "wanted" ad in which this very pregnant woman was asking for old cotton sheets and things. She wanted to use cloth diapers for her baby but couldn't afford them, and hoped to make her own. Well, I had some still-good diapers I used for cleaning rags, and I knew someone had given Aunt Susie three packs of new ones for some unknown reason (Susie is about 70 years old). So I scraped these together and mailed them to the lady and my frugal old-fashioned soul felt very satisfied. Imagine, a modern young mom wanting cloth diapers!

Sometimes I read Craigslist just for entertainment. For instance I found this one today and thought it should be entitled, "Not a Traditional Mennonite Church, Just So You Know"---

Quote of the Day(misspellings and all):
"New church in need---We are in need of a good sound system, lighting, covered trailor, espresso machine, percussion equipment and variouse musical instruments as well. We are rally in need of donations at this poiny or some very generous offers as we are just starting out pioneering the GreenHouse church in Eugene."


  1. One can only hope that the "settling in" for the Green House Church in Eugene is more auspicious than the pioneering appears to be.

  2. One would think Oregonian Pioneers might have figured out by now that an espresso machine is something Real Pioneers would've chucked out by the trail close to Independence, MO???

    Maybe they could check Independence's Craigslist.

  3. Oh, I love the quote. Sorta' make me wonder just what kind of church this is exactly. Hmm. I love reading your blog!! Have a great Sunday!!

  4. They should have added "proofreader" to that list. :)

  5. Yes, Craigslist is my number one source for top quality furniture at less than thrift store cost. The url for the link is actually, not They just redirect you to your localized craigslist based on your public IP address.