Sunday, July 06, 2008

Column and Birthday

Today's Letter from Harrisburg is about change.

And today is Emily's 18th birthday. You can visit this amazing daughter of mine here.

Quote of the Day:
"Ah can ah-dentifah with thaaat!"
--Julia from Mississippi, referring to the story about Ben and Steven picking and spilling the blackberries. She has never met me but reads my blog, and was driving up Interstate 5 the other day while on a Western Trip with her husband and remembered a story about us living by the freeway and called to find out which was our house. We moved out of that house some years ago, so I couldn't wave at her, but we had a nice chat anyway.


  1. Actually, Aunt Julia's quote needs no special spelling. The "other" pronunciation would be spelled: "I-ee can i-eedentifi-ee with that." :-)

  2. Oh change, where is thy sting?
    Really, the line about your boys pelting you with strawberries as middle-aged men made me laugh out loud. There are such people who would prefer that.

    My sister had a shock in school this year. She was sitting in class when she received a text from our mom. She couldn't believe it but when she came home Mom was quite pleased with herself. Not bad for a 68 year old grandma to figure out on her own.

  3. I hate change too. I didn't want a microwave. I could boil water on the stove just fine. But my look-ahead husband came home with the super model. Sigh. I also remember enthusiastically pointing out cows on a family drive and getting the same "no response" from my son who used to just love looking at the wildlife along the highways. Sigh again. Jan