Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post and Coast

Mrs. I's comment on the harvest post made me think I should write a detailed post about growing grass seed. However, I wrote about two sentences in my head and realized I needed Paul's help for the details--do they plant all kinds in the fall or does perennial ryegrass re-seed itself? Why is it called "cutting" the grass when in other parts of the country it's called raking or swathing or windrowing? Well they do windrow it but I don't think they say, "Lowell Kropf windrowed his fescue today."

The problem with involving Paul is that I see very little of him these days, and when I do see him it's either at the warehouse and he's all in a rush to get the beltivator fixed, or he's eating supper an hour and a half late, or he's collapsed onto the couch, having first taken the time to put an old quilt on the couch to protect it from his dusty clothes, bless him.

So I can't bring myself to bother him with refining a blog post.

Meanwhile, I'm writing this in a motel at the coast, where all of "us girls" went to celebrate the three birthdays of ours that occur between June 25 and July 6. The beach was very cold and windy last night so we ate at Mo's and window-shopped in Old Town Florence and then returned to the motel to watch a dvd Amy had brought along. "Would anyone rather read than watch a movie?" I asked, since I was deep into a book Aunt Susie had donated for the school rummage sale, They Loved to Laugh. "I would!" said all three girls. So we all sat on the beds and read and a good time was had by all.

And then it was time for three young ladies and one old one to settle down for the night, and we will draw the curtain of charity over that scene, and the talking, and giggling, and Jenny's midnight imitation of how her mom sleeps, with a little hissing "poooh" with each breath, and Amy and Emily's gales of laughter., and my feeble, desperate pleas to be quiet. Ah well. Sleep finally came to all.

Quote of the Day:
"Mirror mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all."
--a little plaque in one of the little shops, that sent me into fits of giggles, while the girls looked on, mystified. I said they'd understand it in 30 years, and Emily said if she sees it in 30 years and thinks it's funny, she'll think, Mirror mirror on the wall, I have my mother's sense of humor after all.


  1. That sounds like fun. :)

    I love your quote and the new one that will, inevitably come in 30 years from your daughter!! ;)

  2. Oh how I wish I was out at the coast! Lucky you!

  3. I was just visiting friends in the Mt Angel/Silverton area. He works for some big grass farmers (8,000 acres!)I was told that the hay/straw/grass gets baled and shipped to Japan(?).

    You don't know me, but I've known Mrs.I for a long time. She's a close friend of my sister, Susanna. In fact,their "offspring" are dating! So, my sister introduced me to your blog, and I thoroughly enjoy it!

    I actually had been in Portland to spend time with my son and daughter-in-law. I have to admit, I was fantasizing about running in to you somewhere!! :-)

    Mary in IN

    P.S.We spent two days at the coast, at Oceanside.

  4. You made me laugh so hard I snorted (last paragraph and QOTD). I guess the first snort was at your expense, and the second at the girls'.

    Thank you!

  5. p.s. Oceanside is my FAVORITE town on the Oregon coast. I used to live in Tillamook and I went there regularly to walk up the hill for exercise and dream of which little cabin I'd like to retire to someday.

  6. I remember reading and enjoying "They Loved To Laugh" many years ago. If I remember right it was about a girl with a bunch of brothers who teased her a lot.
    Oh the busyness of harvest. Glen used to have a custom combining business. I had to keep in the back of my mind that it wouldn't last forever!

  7. your girls wkend away sounds wonderful!

  8. I was at a craft mall one day with my youngest daughter (whom I had been estranged from for quite a long time)and I saw that sign... I thought it said "Mirror mirror, on the wall, I LOVE my mother after all." It was so nice to be with my daughter that I guess that is what I wanted to read at the time :-)

    This is the first time I have been on your site and I am enjoying it very much.