Friday, July 04, 2008

Rumor Laid To Rest

So yesterday I called the chiropractor's office to see which foot of Matt's needs an insert in the shoe since he's back on his feet, sacking seed, and needs to know and it's been so long that he got out of the habit of using it.

So I left a message and, soon after, the phone rang. "Hello, this is 'Elonna'." Oh, ok, must be Elona Ketcham from the Shoppe of Shalom, otherwise known as the Mennonite Store. But she went on, "I'm calling from Dr. Ruckman's office and I got your message, and it's the left foot."

She then went on to ask how I was doing and just chitchatted like an old friend. I was thoroughly confused. How many women are there with names pronounced "Elonna"?? But WHAT would Elona K. be doing calling from the doctor's office? To my knowledge the only place she works is the store.

But there she was, chatting like she knew me. I don't do well with shifting contexts, like if you'd be in an airport overseas and see your neighbor lady. Wait, is that really her? But it looks just like her. But WHAT would she be doing here?

But whoever this woman on the phone was, she was asking me what I'm doing on the Fourth of July. I tried to act nonchalant and normal despite my confusion. "I think I'll have Amy take the kids to the parade and then we'll all go hear the Knox Brothers and watch the fireworks."

And she said, "So is it true what I heard, that this is the last year the Knox Brothers are singing at the gazebo, or maybe the second-to-last year, and they're going to be disbanding?"

Oh dear, I had heard nothing of the sort.

We ended the conversation with me still confused about who I had been speaking to. And at the supper table I broached this very important topic: Were the Knox Brothers disbanding? I found this alarming, feeling like I had never appreciated them as I ought, or gone to their concerts (besides the 4th of July ones), the way we Oregon people don't go to Crater Lake.

No one knew. "Ask Grandma, she'll know," someone said, but if she didn't know it could just fan the flames of rumor even more.

Wait, you don't know who the Knox Brothers are? Shocking.

Ok, they are these six brothers who grew up in this very house and their mom was Paul's grandpa's half sister. They have been singing together for many years and if you knew what you ought to know about Gospel music, you would know who the Knox Brothers are. Especially if you're over 40.

Half of them live just down the road from us, and every year they sing in the gazebo on the riverfront in Harrisburg on July 4th while we all wait for the fireworks, which is a lovely summer ritual.

This evening I sat by EG who knows everything about Gospel music. " Are the Knox Brothers disbanding?" I asked.

"No!" she said emphatically. "There's this crazy rumor out there because they're not doing the one Gospel music festival any more, and next month there's a big 40th anniversary celebration for them. But they're still singing like they always have and there's no sign of them quitting."

What a relief. I really need to actually take in one of their concerts sometime, just in case they actually do retire. And I should go see Crater Lake again sometime, just in case they drain it or something.

And now you know that that rumor isn't true.

Quote of the Day:
"Excuses, excuses, you hear them every day. . . "
--a song the Knox Brothers sang this evening, by special request, for someone's 11th anniversary. Not sure we want to know the reason this was requested.


  1. They're going to drain Crater Lake?

  2. They are going to drain Crater Lake! Pass it on!! LOL

  3. Yes, I DO know who the Knox Brothers are, and it IS possible for a big lake to drain. Just ask the people who lived beside Lake Delton in Wisconsin! ~ribbit98

  4. Ok, I'm confused. Who were you talking to?

    As for the Knox Brothers, they're only saying that they're not disbanding because they don't like to sing to big crowds (which would be sure to ensue if people found out they were disbanding). I heard that, yes, they actually are disbanding from the 4th Knox Brother's sister-in-law's grandpa who went to school with my great-aunt.

  5. Hans--I still don't know exactly who I was talking to.

  6. I'm leaving a comment here, not because of this post about
    rumor laid to rest'. I'm leaving a comment here because I just found out about your blog from the article you just wrote on the Register-Guard.
    I really admire you, your life, your simple way of journalism that effectively transfixes me. I also admire the fact that, although I'm so much into religion, your mention of God and Jesus and religion is NOT the 'in your face' kind.
    I'm leaving a comment to ask permission to one day interview you and feature you in my blog. My blog is mostly about knitting, but one cannot help but include everything about oneself, family and life in general. My blog is NOT kosher alot of times, sorry. Not kosher: meaning I use *bleep, bleep* language at times.
    I'd hope you'd allow my the honor to interview you in the near future. If you agree, we can set up location, time, etc. later.

    OK, the comment regarding 'rumor laid to rest' are 1) I didn't know who the Knox Brothers until now. 2) You were being polite to Elonna.
    3) By the time Crater Lake is drained, there would not be a Fern Ridge either.

    p.s.: One of my summer reading musts is your book: Ordinary Days.

  7. Arrgh! After sending out my comments, I realized too late I should have proof-read it. So, there's a correction I need to put in: '...although I'm so much into religion...' should have been 'although I'm NOT so much into religion'
    Sorry! One can tell I'd not make a good editor and/or journalist.

  8. Ahhh, the Knox Brothers! I haven't thought of them in years! I grew up on their music...yes, their fame reached the east coast. =) I actually can't believe they're still singing together more than thirty years later...that's pretty amazing!

  9. We always enjoyed the Knox Brothers when they came to Delaware. Maybe I'll get the record out,dust it off and play it once again. love your blog!!! we weren't planning on attending the BMA convention but now that I heard you are speaking it makes the long drive look shorter.~ Nancy

  10. Dorcas, Is Elona still a Ketcham? I went to Bilble school with her & I thought she got married........??
    PC in VA

  11. to PC in VA--yes, Elona's still single and Ketcham. Her sister Marla married a Kropf; maybe that's who you had in mind.