Thursday, July 03, 2008

Test results

Another theory shot down: I was sure there was something in Oregon that Emily is allergic to--maybe molds or ryegrass dust or lilac pollen. We got her latest test results back and everything Pacific North West was negative, plus everything else they tested her for.

Except West Nile fever. That's still elevated, the nurse said. As I understood it, it will keep showing up on tests long after Emily's well, so not much can be concluded from this except that the original tests were accurate and we have actually been dealing with West Nile for the last 10 months and have not been wandering down a dead-end tunnel in this maze all this time.

Upward and onward.

Quote of the Day:
"Worms have feelings too!!"
--Emily, whose drama has not been destroyed by WNF, to Steven, who was going fishing

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  1. :Disclaimer regarding QOTD:

    The only reason I said that is because whenever I would kill a moth or a bug, Steven would always say, "moths/bugs have feelings too."