Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book 3

Today I sent off the manuscript of my third book (Downstairs the Queen is Knitting)* after way too many hours of going cross-eyed in front of the computer, copying, pasting, editing, and arranging. As usual I kept muttering Oh mercy, this is boring; I've already said this a dozen times; no one will ever read this; how trite; and all the other things you say to yourself when you have to read your own work over and over in grinding detail.

But now that I sent it off, imperfections and all, I am rather amazed at myself. Three books! I well remember the days when one seemed impossible. How did I ever get here?

Well, I got here not by any big splashing accomplishments but by doing small things over and over and watching them accumulate--words into sentences and then paragraphs, paragraphs into essays, essays into books.

Which I hope is encouraging to anyone out there with goals that seem impossible. It's good for me as well, in some of the areas where I'd really like to accomplish something but feel like I just can't.

Oh--forgot to say--the book should be out in April.

*just kidding

Quote of the Day:
"You'll write so many books, you'll need to dedicate it to one kid at a time."
--Emily. I guess I'm following her advice: DTQIK is dedicated to Matt. Which means I'm committed to cranking out five more.


  1. I was disappointed to see you're kidding on the DTQIK title! I think it'd make a great one! ~ribbit98

  2. 'cranking' That word gives me a sinking feeling.

  3. Congratulations on another book!
    Did you take afew deep breaths and ask the children to serve you help you celebrate?

  4. ...oh dear ....leave out the word serve. I had originally written, did you ask the children to serve you a treat?!

  5. Margaret--If "cranking out" discourages you I will say "joyfully bubbling out with" instead. [But believe me, the last two days I was cranking.]
    Thelma--I took a few deep breaths, yes, and then I proudly announced to the family what I had just done, and unfortunately there was very little response, and the one reading the newspaper finally popped her head out from behind it and said, "Huh? I wasn't listening."
    They are happy for me, in their way, but they are very hard to impress.

  6. Oh goody! I can't wait!

    And now I already have Christmas 2009 taken care of for People I Love but who are Very Hard To Buy For.

  7. I at first thought the title was cute and saw that you are kidding. Maybe that is a good thing. Have you ever read The Tale of Two Cities. The knitters in that story were not very nice people.

  8. Oh boy, I can't wait!
    I'm positive the 3rd book would be as witty, charming and funny as the first two.
    Seriously, I'm sure you can knit. Right?!
    Once you have dedicated all your books to your kids, you have to write the grandest, most wonderful book of all and dedicate it to your husband.
    Then we'd look forward to read all these Dorcas Books.

  9. to YHH--just FYI, my first book is dedicated to Paul, the second to my parents. So now I need to go down through all my children, then my friends, then. . .
    And yes, I know how to knit! Wish I had time to knit more.

  10. congrats on the book!! tonight I was talking to one of my Bible school buddies and he said his mom was reading one of your books... he was impressed that you were an author, even if it is hard to impress your fam :-) good job

  11. please, please, please let that be the title - it fits perfectly with the sarcasm and wit with which you write - I loved it!

  12. Dorcas, my bad. I feel embarrass that my lack of homework shows. I have no excuse. Darn! And I have read the two books! Sorry!
    With all these loved ones surrounding you, you will never stop writing books to dedicate to each and everyone of them. hahaha!
    I knew you could knit! Who else would have taught Jenny!
    Can't wait for April, which happens to be my birthday month. A great excuse to get myself a present.