Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On Renting and Talking

So Paul and I and Emz went to Redmond, checked out the little Mennonite church (first things first), spent the night, and went apartment shopping. This involved finding the perfect place, with three churches within half a block, and then having the rug yanked out from under us at the very very last minute, with the check written and all. Emily is supposed to post about this and if she does it will be interesting, trust me, so take a quick side trip and tell her to write it all down, pretty please.

Then Paul did his best to pull us all together, and we found another apartment, and he checked at the police station to make sure it's a safe area, and we did the paperwork, and yesterday we found out that all our criminal history checks and such came out ok, and Emily is good to go. Probably this Friday.

Meanwhile, on a completely different note: My little nephew Nolan had us all a bit worried because he wasn't talking. A year ago I was at their house and he laughed, hummed, made truck noises, and dramatically stood on the couch arm and leaped onto the beanbag chair to make us laugh, but didn't talk, despite being two years old and having two articulate siblings. One time he passed a mirror, waved at himself, and said, "Bah!" and that was it. I think my sis had him evaluated and all that, and I don't know what the conclusion was.

He turned 3 in July and still wasn't talking. Then yesterday I was talking to Margaret on the phone while she was trying to get Nolan to put on some underwear. "You're a big boy now!" etc etc. And I heard him saying, "I am da big boy!"

I said, What??! When did he start saying sentences? And she said, Right after he turned 3.

I said, "What all does he say?" She said, "What doesn't he say? I was playing trucks with him and I made a ksshhew sound like the air brakes and he said, 'No Mom, that is not how it goes. It goes psshhew with a puh.'" She added, "It was all there, in his head, and now he can finally say it."

I think that's very very cool.

Quote of the Day:
(Cleaning up the kitchen last night. I was exhausted and half sick)
Me: Jenny, please get a container for the corn.
Jenny: That's green beans, not corn!
Me: Dear me, I have no brains left. Just be nice and put me in a nursing home.
Jenny: I wouldn't do that.
Slight pause during which I think: Oooh, I have such a nice compassionate daughter who will take care of me in my old age.
Jenny: That'll be Dad's job.


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  2. My daughter could utter of her own will (not just repeat) over 180 words when she was 17 months old. (I wrote them all down.) My son, at 2 years old, had 6 (including cuppa cuppa(for drink) and DIGH-uh (for Daddy), but no word for Mommy!!)

    I was worried. My grandmother kept telling me, "Your uncles [both very intelligent men] did not talk until they were 3." I was familiar with the story about my oldest brother, who at potty training age uttered his first sentence when he was dancing around the kitchen and Mom told him to go in and go potty and he said, "I can't, Mom. It's dark in there." Rumor has it that even Einstein did not talk until 3.

    Just a month or two before my son's 3rd birthday, he suddenly started speaking--in complete sentences. He hasn't stopped.

    My mom used to say of my oldest brother that he would not try anything until he was sure he could do it. My daughter learned everything in baby steps, logically, progressively. My son, like my oldest brother, waits until he is sure he can do it. He could walk a full 2 months before he actually did. We counted him walking 12 steps and made a big deal about it. But he decided it was too much work, I guess, and put that aside and did not walk again until 2 months later when my mom had a housefill of people for my uncle's memorial service. There being no other children there younger than about 10, and the house being packed nearly wall-to-wall with legs, my son stood up and walked and never went back to crawling.

    It's just fascinating how our brains are all wired so differently!

  3. recently when Nolan was at our place we were also amazed at all the talking that was happening our favorite was his peeekuptruck! As for to love the honesty=)

  4. We also had a son who did not talk until he was three years and 4 1/2 months old. The reason I remember is becasue it happened after his sister went to school. I used to say she did all his talking for him and now that she was gone he had to talk! And he did like another poster said: he talked in sentences, never went through that phase of saying words and adding to them.

    BTW, today he is a civil engineer!