Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on Emily, Life, and Stuff

Paul and Steven moved Emily and her things to Redmond on Friday and stayed there until Sunday. Evidently everything went fine except for the time Steven woke up Emily and probably all the neighbors with his singing. I had understood and repeated the story that he was singing in the shower. No no, I was corrected, he was singing underwater. Evidently he submerged himself in the bathtub and sang the way he sings when he thinks no one can hear him, which is extraordinarily loudly. This is not something I would try but Steven does lots of things I would never try, including putting a slice of chocolate cake in his breakfast sandwich along with the scrambled egg.

On Sunday afternoon, Jenny and I had a lovely ride through the mountains and the sunshine and the autumn foliage to Emily's apartment. We told Paul and Steven hello and goodbye and then they left for home. We plan to stay until Thursday or so and then we do another switcheroo for the weekend and so our lives will go for the next while.

Which isn't all bad. Not at all. In the last 24 hours I organized and sorted my vast button collection, labeled 8 pairs of socks with red or blue thread for Ben and Steven, hemmed four (unused) diapers-turned-dishcloths, helped the girls organize and clean the apartment, shopped for a toaster and bath mat, and cut out and started sewing a split-skirt for Jenny.

I also noticed the suspicious bathtub ring at the very very top edge of the tub, which corroborates the singing-under-water story. Gotta get a good tub scrub spray.

Now I'm at the library after having walked way too far trying to find the post office. "Go up this street; you'll walk right into it," said the nice man at the hardware store. Finally after many blocks I stopped in at a dentist office and asked again. "Right up this street; six or eight blocks." Sigh.

Of course it's too soon to tell how being here will affect Emily, but I think we could all do with a dose of change, clear blue sky, sunshine, independence, and cool libraries and intriguing places all around to motivate us to get out and walk, and I can tell all that is doing her good already, in spirit and body both.

Quote of the Day:
--what Steven said Emily should name her apartment. So she did.


  1. Cordella ... that's just right for Emily. ... And Steven antics are hilarious. I laughed outloud. You have some very colorful children.

  2. I'm so glad we aren't the only ones that name unusual things. We have computers(compy, lappy and sclappy) video games (Wiizel) and ipods (Lewis and Penelope.) I think it goes along with not having television to cloud creativity. Thanks for the update on your family saga.

    Cara in Drain

  3. Just look at this time as a bit of a vacation from the ordinary....not that your life ever sounds very ordinary to me....but that's beside the point. :-)

  4. Oh that sounds fun... wonder if anyone at our house could benefit from living over there...besides me!! I could stand some sunshine and blue skies...I need your light (that you sit under when its gray outside)..Dorcas!!!!!