Friday, October 10, 2008

Craigslist Again

I have been drying my tears and clicking around on Craigslist/Oregon/Bend/apts/housing and looking for an apartment for Emily, in Redmond, pref 2 bedrooms, in a safe neighborhood, [which Craigslist never specifies of course], for not too much money, within walking distance of Fred Meyer and the library, that can be rented month by month.

Yes, we decided to send Emily out of the Valley. Oregon geography being what it is, you can go from rain forest to desert in about 50 miles if you do it right. See the map here, it's rather fascinating, how abruptly it goes from green to orange east of the Cascade Mountains. We live along the Willamette River; Redmond is close to the Deschutes, near that dark orange spot, about 150 miles from here.

The plan is that we will rent a place and try to have someone with her all the time, either a family member or one of several friends who have volunteered. Paul and I are going out this weekend to spy out the land.

This is all not fun to think about. I'm sure I'll always feel torn--there and wishing I was here, or here and feeling my sick daughter needs me. I am not letting myself hope too much that she will actually get well there, oh me of little faith, but I have been disappointed so often. Instead I focus on the silver lining of being able to take my sewing out there for a few days and doing it without interruptions. Or I could even take a file drawer and organize it. How about that.

Meanwhile, I prowl around on Craigslist, looking at apartments and duplexes, and making phone calls. I also placed an "apartment wanted" ad, telling all about our poor daughter and such. And got a few responses. From "James" and "Justin" and "Mark" who would be happy to have her as a roommate. I will not go into all my savage thoughts about What The World Is Coming To when men email a young woman's MOTHER and expect her to say yeah, sure, my daughter can live with you.

And then there was the earnest plea from the woman who had to go back to Canada because her dad died, and could Emily live in her apartment and run her business from here, especially: Help me to co-ordinate payments from my clients and help me with the payment process.2. Cash Payments at your Bank3. To maintain the apartment when I am away and to help me receive payments issued in checks from my clients within the USA on my behalf in your name and have it cashed because they pay mostly with checks and have the funds wired to me here in Canada through money gram transfer/western union transfer.

Yes, well. Then after all my hard work I go to other areas of Craigslist for entertainment. Like this ad*, which sounds somewhere between a Mad Lib guess-the-adjectives page and a very bad joke and a sixth grade English assignment to write a descriptive paragraph with an adjective for every noun:

[*yes, I consider this entertainment. Yes, I need to get out more.]["this beauty's frame is the perfect contestant to display the masterpiece within" hahahahaha love it love it]

Quote of the Day:
Incredible Victorian Ball Room Painting From 1830's - $100 (Eugene, OR)
This Painting is a true one of a kind piece depicting a Ball Room scene from the Victorian Era at its magnificent peak. The exquisite artistry shines in all aspects. The attention to detail is extraordinary and every participant of this romantic dance shares his or her own personality through the beauty of expression. This masterpiece was originally painted with an oil medium. If you look closely in the photos you will see the excellent use of highlighting and depth breathing life to the scene, bringing you the viewer, into the scene in your own home.The artist of this alluring piece is unknown creating even further mystery to the picture. I have not seen the signature with my own eyes. It lies underneath the corner where the frame overlaps the painting. As any lover of art would understand, I lack the heart to tear open the back to find it. In fact I believe the mystery of the unknown adds an unexplainable attraction to this romantic dance.The physical size is a perfect 23" by 43" (inches). Not too large yet not too small. Just the right size to hang on any wall of your beautiful home. The reproduction material is clearly a high quality vinyl and shows no sign of wear whatsoever. This material is excellent when it comes to the subject of reproduction because of its long lasting lifespan. Not only is it entirely waterproof but entirely resilient to climatic effects. The vinyl gives the visual effect of it being a true oil painting. It even has the same textural feel and appearance. Judging by the frames design I believe this reproduction comes from the early 1900's.Carved from a high quality wood, this beauty's frame is the perfect contestant to display the masterpiece within. The frame boasts a flawless physique with a coat of white paint that has worn in areas revealing the beauty of the wood beneath. The backside of the piece is a durable paper material sealed to the frame, securing the paintings safety and ensuring its long wonderful life in your home.


  1. Wow, cheap reproduction, worn frame. Goodwill won't take it.

    See how concisely I can sum up? When I was in college, my writing professors always told me I said too little. My math professers preferred "eloquence" (i.e. prove it in as few words as possible. I prefer to think of myself as "eloquent".

    My mother's heart aches with you over Emily. Has she actually been to Bend to know that she can feel better there? My neighbor was raised over the mountains and sneezes constantly here (and has for the past almost 30 years). I, however, was born and raised in this valley, have lived here almost all my life, and get nosebleeds within hours of crossing the mountains because the air is so dry over there.

  2. I wasn't aware that vinyl was in production in the early 1900's. I guess you learn something new every day.

    I'll be praying you find the right solution with Emily.

  3. Umm, that woman who's husband died is running a scam and should probably be reported to the authorities. You cash her checks and then wire her the money. After you have done that, your bank will discover the check is bad... and you been scammed.

  4. My husband grew up on the Dry Side, as he calls it. Klamath Falls. I hope you find a place for Emily.
    I enjoyed your newest column. I am too lazy to type two comments. My IP was all messed up for a few days and I could not get to any blogspot.

    We plan on heading to Kalona later this month. My birthday gift. :) For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the fabric store we visit. Cedar Grove?? But we will have to get into Golden Delights bakery. We got there too late the last time for their doughnuts.