Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today's Column. . .

. . . is about our trip to Iowa. Here you go.


  1. Some people paint the Amish as having everything together. We don't. We understand but a small part of life, and so we understand that part very well. We have found one way to worship and serve God.

    There's something about that wistful, idyllic depiction of life that is quite deceptive. It implies that no outsider can find that peace, and that all insiders have found that peace. Neither is true, because what is freeing for some is stifling for others. True peace comes from finding our place in God's plan. Sadly, we have put up barriers that sometimes makes that very difficult.

    That's my perspective, at least.

    I really enjoyed your article, by the way.

    -Anonymous Coward

  2. I can't get that link (for your newspaper article) to work.. is it just me?? Or rather my computer??....