Thursday, March 26, 2009


Largely due to the efforts of Miss Amy, our church school attended the regional ACE convention in Newberg, OR, this year.

Paul, Amy, and 12 teenagers have been at the convention since Tuesday. Another mom and I drove up for the day today to watch.

This is the sort of thing I wish I could have participated in as a teenager. Yes, there's lots of opportunity to shine in sports and music, but if you're not good at either you can compete in lots of other areas as well--trivia questions on science, English, and so on; Bible questions, photography, crafts, drama, radio drama, chess, and many more.

And the atmosphere is supportive and kind. If a bit unorganized and always behind schedule, causing my husband to mutter under his breath about how he would love to be in charge and whip things into shape, and we both know he would do very well at this, but we also both know he does not need one more thing to do.

The guys from our school won the basketball championship, under the coaching of Randy Smucker, who didn't let his impending wedding distract him from doing a professional job with these boys. Normally it about kills me to watch my children compete but since they kept winning it wasn't so bad. Steven had an amazing way of levitating off the ground and pulling balls out of the air; Ben had some good plays also; little Shane Baker dribbled with great skill, and they all worked as a team.

I also got to watch a few track and field events, chess and checker games, and my favorite--an all-star Pace Bowl game that included Ben and his friend Isaiah and had the kids answering questions from the ACE curriculum.

The courage award of the day goes to Stephanie C., who was the only girl signed up for the 1600 meter run, and she bravely ran all four laps around the track. Yes, she threw up in the restroom afterward, but she attempted and accomplished something hard. Good for her.

Quote of the Day:
"********** *** ********* ***** **** *******"
--Maria's and my nonstop but censored conversation, the whole hour and a half to Newberg and back


  1. ahhh...the good ol convention days. they still make the girls wear panty hose? oh how i hated that rule, but all the fun had made up for it every time. thanks for bringing back some good memories from long gone days! :)
    congrats to they boys bb team!!! that is no small feat!

  2. Yes, the girls still have to wear pantyhose! Quite a switch for ours but they all complied without a big fuss.

  3. I loved Convention as a girl, and still do. It's a good thing.