Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tumors and Such

Hansie is having surgery today. He developed a lump the size of a tennis ball on his shoulder. It's not cancer in the sense that it would eventually invade his body, but we were told it would keep growing if we didn't remove it.

I didn't think this was worthy of putting on the prayer chain but it is still kind of a big deal for us, and for him I'm sure, so if you don't mind saying a prayer for a huge old dog. . .

Did you ever notice that when someone has surgery for a lump or cyst or tumor, the report from the doctor always says the lump was the size of something, rather than so many centimeters in diameter?

Sometimes I think that on the windowsill of the operating room they must have a long line of common objects, from a grain of sand, up through a pencil eraser, a pea, a grape, a ping-pong ball, various other balls for various other sports, all the way up to a basketball, interspersed with various fruits.

Then after the tumor comes out they hold it up and make the official comparison that will go on the charts, out to the waiting family, and on to the church prayer chain.

Quote of the Day:
"Offensive, strongly disagree or disapprove"
--the reason someone chose for unsubscribing from the Shoe. I am trying not to obsess about this.


  1. My thoughts are with Hansie and your family. My pets are very much my children (as I don't have any), and I know what it is like to have one ill.

    As far as the comment of the day - DISREGARD - totally inappropriate and disrespectful. I love reading your blog and don't know what I would do without it!


  2. your operating room analogy is too funny!

  3. AHQ got an e-mail once from someone who objected to some of the videos we had posted on the website. And then less than a month ago, we got another who "saw some of the movies on (our) website where (we were) dancing" and who "thought (we) were true believers but now (doesn't) really understand (us)."

    What can you do?

  4. Well, I am going to stay subscribed because I find your blog delightful, agreeable, and heartily approve. So there. =)

  5. whatever!
    and here's hoping that everything goes well with your family's beloved Hansie!!

  6. Maybe the "unsubscriber" was referring to your post about barfing - that's the only thing I can think of that someone could possibly perceive of as somewhat "offensive", especially if they are like me and cannot bear to barf! Choke it back, keep it down as long as you can is my motto! No fair that you are actually skilled and efficient at this indelicate indisposition!

  7. Hansie is a loved member of your family, and it is completely appropriate to pray for him and his return to health. We have a dog and two cats that we dearly love, and I've prayed for them many times.

    God bless your entire family!

  8. There are some people whose entire life mission seems to be finding things wrong with other people and their actions, no matter the facts. It's insecurity, plain and simple.

  9. Of all the words I would use to describe your blog, "offensive" is not one of them!

  10. Well I've heard it said that 25% of the people you encounter will like you no matrer what -kind of like your mom or grandmother. 25% or the people will like you but could be pursuaded to dislike you. A third 25% will dislike you but could be pursuaded otherwise and the last 25% are just going to dislike you no mater what.

    Probably what the unsubscriber found disagreesable was something that your loyal readers believe to be a wonderful psart of your blog.

  11. How anyone could find anything offensive on your blog is beyond me! I think they are dyslexic and are reading things backwards or sideways or something. Definitely finding things that are not there. Don't let it get to you.

    Hope Hansie recovers quickly and can get that collar off soon. Reminds me of part of a nun's hat for some reason.

  12. As long as you are human there will be people who will misunderstand you. And you are very human, delightfully so! That's what makes the rest of us so love to read your posts! (And remember, the Pharisees found fault even with Jesus!) Pauline

  13. Offensive??? Your blog? Some people don't get it!

    Thank you for being who you are and writing what you write!

    I hope that Hansie will be better soon

  14. Don't obsess! Your honesty is refreshing!!

  15. I met you for the first time at UB this weekend and enjoyed your honesty and just being "real". May more of us let it all hang out and admit we don't always have it together! I want to find ways to celebrate on ordinary, mundane days too!

    I got really tickled by your line up of objects on the surgery room window sill! I once had a grapefruit sized cyst removed! It's a great visual, though, is it not.

    I can only imagine the offended one to be stiff and not for "real" and they couldn't handle your open honesty. We enjoy it-keep it up!