Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Emily is feeling a bit better today. Still too weak for comfort, but not quite so icky.

Improvement is good, even with disclaimers.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: Matt, did you know I'm in fifth grade Paces?
Matt: I'm in 16th grade Paces!

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  1. I was so glad to see my comment about being sicker in a new place was of comfort to Emily.

    I do medical transcription, so I hear about all the bugs going around Eugene. Don't know about the one going around Colorado...but my husband and i both had a 3-day bug that was an on-and-off fever, make you barely able to walk to the bathroom tired bug. We were lucky to get off with just 3 days. Others are feeling the effects for weeks. I suspect that is what Emily has, and I'm ever so glad that she is getting off with just a week!! Sounds like, though she feels tired, her spirits are up and she writes like her energy is up too.

    When I was 12, we moved from Washington to Anchorage. After being in school there just a few weeks, I picked up a strep bug. I had never had strep before. I had a twinge of sore throat in the morning and by noon was so hot and cold I was shivering violently and I could barely walk. My mom took me to the hospital where they did a strep test and told me I had the highest count ever recorded (at that time) in Anchorage. They gave me penicillin pills (no shot because I had never had penicillin and they did not know if I would be allergic) and I slept the rest of the day and the next morning was back to my old self. Kids heal fast...relatively speaking. Of course, Mom made me stay inside another day or two. But that is my claim to fame. In 1974, i held the record for highest strep count in Anchorage. I hope no one has ever been sick enough to break it!!