Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trip Ideas

I've been busy recovering from the last trip and preparing for the one to Ohio next week, and suddenly I realized there's one trip I haven't planned yet and really really need to: Steven's "12 Trip," the traditional mother-child trip I take theoretically when the kids are 12 but it ends up being much later, usually.

Anyway. I think one reason I've put it off with Steven is that I don't know what to do with him. He would enjoy something like bungee jumping, bullriding, hunting, skydiving, whitewater rafting, shark fishing, the burning part of the Burning Man festival, that sort of thing, fueled by any food involving large amounts of beef or sugar.

We all know how excited I get about danger, heights, and getting cold and wet.

I would enjoy museums, garage sales, and afternoon tea.

If you have any ideas for something we could do together, please comment. It should be within 5 hours of home and involve a day trip or one overnight.

Quote of the Day:
Paul [at a revival meeting this week]: Everybody seems to like to sit in the back, so you should all make sure you come early and get the good seats.
Konrad K. [after church]: That was a very Paul-like thing to say.


  1. You see...the reason people like to sit in the back at revival meetings in particular is so that when the Holy Spirit brings conviction upon you...and the alter call is can make that trip down the aisle as long as possible, so as to savor it, maybe...the conviction and the public acknowledgment of it. All things considered...who wants a front seat?!

  2. Dad also said that people should sign up if they want to have the speaker for a meal :)

  3. I would assume then that hot air ballooning and such would be out of the question? You sound a lot like me if the answer is--not a chance!

    Would camping out in a warm cabin or yurt interest you and your son? I know Oregon rents both at several of it's State Parks.
    You could fish? Bike? Hike? Sightsee there? And maybe find your tea too.

    Or maybe a trip to an old fashioned, historic Amusement Park with wood roller skating rink and pipe organ? (In Portland near museums)They also have those amazing rides you would never see me on--ever! And a nice carousel and little train for those like me:)And cotton candy--yum!

    In Bend, there is cave exploration, dog sled rides (I am not sure if you are on a budget), rock climbing walls (indoors) and the High Desert Museum. They did have a Dude Ranch there but I think it is closed down now. I haven't done any of these for a long time...they may have horsebackriding too.

    At Warm Springs (Kah Nee Tah in the Village) they used to have teepees you could stay in (think they had fire pits), swimming and horsebackriding. Not sure if this would appeal to you. I have not been there since they put in the Casino but I think that is at the Lodge and not the Village. They have fishing too..

    On the coast they have deep sea fishing. I am scared of really deep water and it is expensive but my hubby and daughter liked it when they went. Been a long time ago and I am not sure if you'd be able to stay dry...

    Mt Hood is supposed to have summer activities too--they sounded like something I'd want to watch not do though. You are probably braver then I.

    God blessed me with a son just like your Steven! My days of gondalas, chair lifts, hiking on high cliffs were pre him! However I am totally for the sugar part of his likes:)

    Good luck & blessings, A

    PS: Please feel free to delete this after reading. It took a lot of space to answer...sorry!

  4. My daughter took me to Portland to see Wicked yesterday and it was really fun. Do you like musicals? It was not the old style musical. The music was modern with guitars, pianos and plenty of percussion. the lighting and effects were awesome, and the singing was really good. Also, the content was worthy of an adolescent, not gruesome or unwholesome, but very thought-provoking, funny, sad, inspiring. And there was valet parking!! I would love to go again....or read the book...