Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post-Convention High

The convention kids just got home, still in dress clothes from the evening rally, with medals hanging from their necks and grins on their faces.

Lots to be proud of: Spencer won first place in scenic photography with a shot he took in Washington, D.C.; our school placed third in athletics overall, of course boosted by that basketball championship; the mixed quartet was fourth; the Pace Bowl team was third; and so on, a long list.

I am proudest of two awards: Ben, Stephie, and Preston placed first in the Bible Bowl, with no special preparation ahead of time, beating out a team that prepares extensively all year. And another team from our school--Steven, Isaiah, and Stephanie C, placed fourth.

And our school won second place in Christian Character.

Good stuff.


  1. Who was in the mixed quartet?

  2. itf--it was Ben, Cody Shrock, Stephie Smucker, and Kayla Baker

  3. actually the mixed quartet was 6th.

  4. Wow, great job, convention participants!

    I judged photography several years at state convention, and Spencer probably has no idea how we judges would sweat over minute details, especially on the ones that placed. It was incredibly difficult. I know he did a great job if he got first! Anyway, I am glad you got to spend a day up there, Dorcas!

    Then there was the time I was at Nationals in Indiana as a student, way back in my previous life in 1978...our ensemble at Fairview had placed first at State. We were blessed vocally with Ulrichs and Knoxes and Neuschwanders and Troyers and a few other names you might recognize. We rode the Knox Brothers' bus back to Indiana. I don't even remember any more if we placed at Nationals.

    OK, I think I wrote more in my comment than you did in your post...

  5. are they going to ISC in May?

  6. Nancy--No, sadly, they won't go to Internationals. Maybe next year...