Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back Again

Paul and I just got home from a relaxing, two-night, harvest-proof-our-marriage getaway at Mill Creek Retreat Center and the coast.


Thankfully we missed the tsunami warning and consequent bedlam since we were already far inland by then.

Quote of the Day:
"Mom, I must have some of Matt’s genes. When Matt turned 19, he was like exactly the same as when he was 18 except he’s one year older. When I turned 6 I was like exactly the same as when I was 5 except I’m one year older. I might have some of his genes, you know?"


  1. So nice for you---tell Jenny her little brain works to hard!!LOL

  2. wow! would I ever love a retreat like that! sigh

  3. Dorcas, I loved the idea of Harvest-proofing your marriage. Dean and I went out to supper last evening...wonder if that will do the trick, too, of if we should have a longer getaway!

  4. I think Jenny must have a gotten a large dose of the Smucker brain.

  5. Sounds like fun...just to get away for a little.
    I love Jenny's comment...her brain is definently working!!!LOL!

  6. I just read all of your blogs and enjoyed every one of them. I have to laugh at the stories of your kids! You sound like a great family!