Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Love and Other Distractions

What is in the air these days that makes so many young people get engaged and married?

Our friend Tom married Jewel last Saturday, Paul’s nephew Kevin is getting married in August, Brandon who graduated from high school with Matt just announced his engagement,* we are all expecting our friend Brendon to make it official any day now, and yesterday my niece Annette emailed that she’s engaged to Jay.

Maybe it’s no more love in the air than usual, but just that we have a whole crop of friends, nieces, nephews, and former students reaching that age.

In a world of cohabiting and divorce and single parents and failed relationships, these young people are holding up the banner of A Better Way. God bless them all.

*Note to Matt: don’t even think about it.

Quote of the Day:
Me: (with tape measure in hand) How long do you want that pink dress?
Emily: (who never misses an opportunity to be dramatic and to misunderstand me) As long as it lasts! Are you going to take it away or something??!!


  1. I thought maybe it was just me and my friends! It seems like suddenly a whole bunch of them are either in a serious relationship, engaged, or recently married. Even some of them who are younger than me...and I consider myself quite young to be considering such things. I'm not considering it, but it's certainly not as easy to keep your focus when it seems like "everybody else is doing it"!
    Usually though, it makes me glad I'm still young and single. It takes so much time and commitment!
    ~Laura J.

  2. Dorcas,

    I think it probably seems that love is in the air thicker than normal simply because you know so many of the couples. :-)

    The Baritone

  3. Ah! More are yet "committing matrimony". Our "baby" daughter, 23, just married. Seems that it is like dominos at work, one does it and the rest follow. Here at Ebenezer we have had about 7 weddings this year among our young folks, 3 of them locally. The end of a long drought for weddings. I too thank God for their Christian courtships and weddings.