Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Magnet

I have a giant invisible magnet attached to my back. Wherever I am, there my children want to be also. I sneak into the office for an e-mail break and within seconds they are all gathered around me, talking.

Today I got up early to write and was very sleepy by noon so I lay on the couch for a nap. Within minutes all the kids at home (4) had grabbed blankets and sprawled all over the living room for naps. Excuse me? Only one of them even likes naps.

So there I was, trying to sleep despite my Mom-antennae that pick up every whisper within 50 yards while Steven bumped the couch with his foot and Emily hissed "STOP THAT!!"

I believe I got seven minutes of sleep and then there was no use trying.

I don't get it. When it's time for chores the magnet doesn't work and I need a pack of hounds to find these children, and when I want an eensy-weensy break they're all right THERE.

Quote of the Day:
"Why do dead Mennonites have makeup but not alive ones?"


  1. Wow Emily that is profound!

    And Dorcus the same thing happened when I tried to nap today. I too gave up!

  2. A wise woman once said, "Want to find all the children at once, take a seat on the toilet after locking the bathroom door and they will all show up in 30 seconds." He, he, it works. :-)

  3. Or let the phone ring or someone come to visit that we haven't seen in ages. It is amazing how they knew when to come and when to hide!

    We have reached the empty nest, I will miss those times.

  4. I have noticed a few inconsistencies in the way we Mennonites sometimes do things, but I've never thought of THAT one before, Emily! Maybe that should be the next prohibition to add to our list.... : )

  5. Emily, death needs enhancing; life doesn't.