Thursday, September 22, 2005

And the Connection Is..?

This week I spoke to a group of homeschooled teenagers about how I got started writing and how they can do the same. A fun group—one girl writes and illustrates horse stories and another has already written three novels.

The woman in charge had sent out an email ahead of time telling them who I was and what I would be talking about. One of the teens’ mother told me, with great amusement, that one line in the promo email read:

"She doesn’t have a TV, but she has a great sense of humor."

Later this mother and I were talking about the fact that I am able to write about very religious material in the Register-Guard, which is a left-leaning newspaper. I could never have made this happen on my own, I told her, and added, "God has a sense of humor."

And she said, "He must not watch TV either."

Quote of the Day:
"You look like a punk Ringwraith."
--Another Lord of the Rings fan, to Matt, on their hiking trip. He was wearing a big black hooded sweatshirt and black sunglasses with amber reflective lenses


  1. It always cracks me up when people think that the absence of tv in our homes means we're out of touch with life!!

    The saying "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" may be true but an over-entertained mind lacks creativity.

    Btw, I'm another former NYPer ('95-'98)... I always enjoyed reading the letters you sent to Dryden - they got passed around to all the ladies! :)

  2. When you have a TV your mind becomes dull and controled by a machine. Not here! When "our family" gets together we create our own entertainment, and there has been more than one person remark "Who needs a TV" when visiting "our family." BTW Mrs. Darling is the second born of "our family" :]

  3. The absence of TV does put us out of touch with some things.....