Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shining Sinks

Since I’ve been on the FlyLady system I shine my kitchen sink twice a day. And like any recent convert I can’t keep this to myself. So I shine sinks wherever I go.

The other day we were at Phil and Geneva’s place. They just moved in with her dad in his very old house. Her mom wasn’t able to work much before she died, and Geneva works full time, so the kitchen sink was in need of some serious polishing.

I washed the dishes and set to, employing various powders, soaps, and scratchers. What fun. It was especially enjoyable simply because, as Karen Scalf Linamen writes, it’s always more fun to clean someone else’s kitchen.

Poor Geneva. She was feeling a bit intimidated, like I surely thought she was a terrible, lazy housewife. She had to tell me this, as I was having so much fun I was oblivious to the more subtle repercussions of my behavior.

It reminded me of my friend "Jane", years ago, who had lots of small children and would get behind with things, and our older friend "Susan" would come by to help her for a morning. Susan would spend all kinds of time polishing the sink, and Jane felt embarrassed and humiliated. And good-hearted Susan didn’t have a clue.

If I ever show up at your house and start polishing, please don’t take it personally. I’m just having fun.

Quote of the Day:
"It just sort of destroys a certain aspect of identity."
--Emily, when I had the audacity to make Jenny’s school dress from a similar pattern as hers


  1. Everybody uses flylady it seems. But to me the whole thing is entirely confusing. I fianlly cancelled my membership. I just cant get it!

  2. My dear Mrs. Darling--you don't "get" Flylady because you are a BO--born organized. See, we SHE's (Sidetracked Home Executives) cling to her like drowning men to a lifeboat and all you BO's say, "Huh? You have to make a checklist for normal morning stuff that everybody does?"

  3. Come shine my sink!!! No give me a few days and then you can!!!!LOL!! I need to get back on the Flyladys schedule!!

  4. Dorcas, You can come shine my sink anytime you get the urge, and I won't be offended, I'd probably give you a big hug! And if you proceeded to scrub the bathroom tub and shower, I might even take you out to lunch! My parents are coming next week.....and there are numerous "spots" in my house that never get done, that need to be done this week!

  5. update - my sink has been spotless as i loved how it looked after dorcas left. it gave me the motivation to make some other changes in the house to create some homier more effecient effects. even my dear old dad noticed! thank you sooooooo much dorcas, and hurry back to motivate me further. there's just something about 100 yr old houses stuffed to the gills that de-organizes me.

  6. Geneva, I agree, really old houses are a little less than inspiring. If the bathroom flooring is just as ugly clean as it is dirty, then what's the point? : ) I must remind myself to be grateful that we can own our own home; many people would be glad for this house with it's ugly bathroom!