Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday Amy flew to Pennsylvania to help my sister, who just had a baby, for two weeks.

The day before that, Mrs. Coffey from next door asked if Emily could take care of her cat and chickens all week while the Coffeys go to Denver.

This is payoff time: when after long years of parenting your children can go out and have the skills to serve someone else.

Quote of the Day:
"I went in the bathroom and she asked me five questions, caught her breath, and asked me one more before I ever said anything."
--Emily, after she washed Jenny’s hair on Saturday


  1. Ahhh. That sounds like when we had our babies. It would take two weeks of going back and forth to the hospital until they finally came. It's no fun having a baby for two weeks!

  2. Oh forevermore, Steve, I see your sense of humor hasn't changed.

  3. Dorcas, in all fairness to you, Steve was conveniently ignoring your comma. "...having her baby, for two weeks." : )