Thursday, September 08, 2005


I am having a serious caffeine buzz.

Even though I live in the Northwest, espresso capital of the planet, I have never gotten into the whole fancy-coffee scene. Give me a cup of tea in the morning and the occasional regular coffee and I'm fine.

Today I had to be in town early. I dispatched my business with great efficiency and then realized I was going to pass within a mile or two of where Amy works and I should stop in for a visit.

Amy works for her friend Heidi who has a food/espresso stand serving the employees of Monaco Coach, makers of seriously high-end motorhomes for buyers such as (pretty sure on this) Jeff Gordon and various rock stars and pro golfers.

I couldn't get hold of Amy on the phone so I cautiously cruised past driveway after driveway leading into this huge complex. Finally, on a whim, I crept into driveway #6 and there, just beyond the gate, was this little red building that I knew was Heidi's Eats N Treats.

The gate was open so I snuck through. Amy and the other servers were in their pre-lunch "lull" so they gave me a quick tour and tried to feed me. "Do you want some lunch?" "No." "Are you sure?"

I said I'd take some coffee. And since here was my chance to try something fancy, I specified "something chocolatey, caramelly...something like that."

"A caramel mocha latte?" Heidi said. (I think that's what she called it.) She squirted and poured and handed me this huge cup of a divine concoction that I sipped all the way home. And now my nerves are taut as guitar strings and I'll be WIDE AWAKE all day, I'm sure.

But I'd better not get hooked on those things until I no longer have a family to feed and clothe.

Quote of the Day:
"Can you hide these so Matt won't take them all to the warehouse?"
--Emily, the day Amy brought home a bunch of leftover chicken enchiladas


  1. OOps looks like you got spammed!

    I swore off those coffees last summer but now it's fall and my favorite pumpkin spice coffee is out. I have to have one! This morning I drank a small Pumpkin spice white chocolate mocha from Starb*cks and savored every drop! They are just so good!

  2. I'm a bona fide caffeine addict, but still derive some amusement from this comparison of the effects of various psychoactive substances on spiders. Most of the webs look fairly reasonable, but the caffeine one...yikes!

  3. That spider web is too funny.

    Have you ever tried a caramel mocha frappachino? Kind of like a coffee chocolate shake, but a little thinner. A local coffee shop make a fabulous one. The kids beg for this rare treat.

    I definitely don't drink one after 2 P.M.!

  4. A very simple solution! Get decafinated drinks!!!

  5. Anon, come on and get with it! If you are going to drink coffee, you do not want to take out the very reason for drinking the stuff! Kinda like an artifical chocolate, or soy burgers in place of real cow in the burger!

    As Burger King says, have it your way; but do not have me have it your way. {:^)

  6. Oh yeah, caramel mocha frapps rock! So do caramel frappuccino malts (a very similar drink only with a malted, "Whopper" flavoring.)

    The Baritone

  7. dorcas,

    i've been a big 'snoop' on your blog for awhile now. your writing fascinates me. you make everyday life seem anything but 'everyday'.

    i've been especially touched by the stories of steven...esp the one this past week about the kitten, and how sensitive he is to anyone going through a separation. working with kids (here in thailand) who have had to live through that separation makes a family like yours who is willing to give your love to this precious little guy seem even more special. thanks so much for what you do. adoption is truly a miracle....

    so, i will contunue to snoop on your site. i love it. it feels like home......

    maria mullet

  8. ahem ,here's another "snoop" confessing! I do enjoy your writings! and this post has me feeling a buzz just reading it and the comments ! my taste buds are sizzling!I'm mostly a regular coffee drinker,but have found that those souped up "coffee's" are tops!

  9. All snoops, regulars, decafs, and hyper spiders are welcome.

  10. I have never had anything but a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks. It was recommended to me by Marcia Schrock (Canada) the first time I was at Starbucks and that's all I've gotten ever since. I don't want to waste all that money on one that I risk not liking as well as the White Chocolate Mocha!! *grin*

  11. Hans! You're missing interest and variety in life.

  12. Yeah, I know, Darin... That's why I'm asking!! I obviously recognize that fact and ask for suggestions and all I get is shot down for what I have implicitly acknowledged... Waah... jk!

    LOL @ Emily and Matt...