Sunday, September 25, 2005


By 8:30 Saturday morning Paul had fetched 400 ears of corn and the whole family was ready to start husking (except Emily, who is seldom ready for anything on time). Soon the first dishpan was full and I took it inside and started blanching.

Paul and Amy were in charge of cooling the corn in big tubs out by the garden hose, and as soon as the first few batches were ready, Amy and Emily started cutting. Amy cut with the knife and Emily with the creamer, since I like a mixture of textures.

Thus were we all kept busy, each with our individual tasks and the whole effect like a well-tuned machine. By 10:30 the husking was done and by 11:00 Paul was done silking. Matt hosed down the folding chairs and baskets. The girls kept cutting. The younger ones got a break.

Paul took over the blanching and I made lunch—corn on the cob, of course, plus pizza for those who couldn’t face any more corn.

The last bag of corn was in the freezer by 1:00. By two, all the stainless steel bowls were back in the pantry and I was mopping the floor.

This is the right way to do corn.

Quote of the Day:
"I think that if you pray out loud an average of twice a week, you sort of tend to repeat yourself."


  1. Dorcas, I bet that many of us readers groaned wistfully as we thought of some of our own scenarios of putting up corn that have been quite different -- like that last bag/box going into the freezer at 1:00 am instead of 1:00 pm. : ) Now why don't you make us young moms feel better by telling us about a crazy time like that for you?! : )

  2. I quit doing corn since I had my last two kids. Of all the things to can or freeze corn is the worst in my book. It's so ghastly sticky and clings to everything. The last time I did it I decided that I would much sooner give up the taste than go to all that work. My sisters are horrified at my decision. LOl

  3. my dad thinks i have truly lost my ability to be a good wife since i refuse to put up any corn this year. yuck. the whole idea of that stuff spraying all over, covering your glasses with milky ooze and then cutting your thumb and trying to scoop the bloody corn out (i am clumsy!) just is one thing i choose to eliminate as an adult. bless you dorcas, for having courage to do such a gross job to feed your family this winter!

  4. So Geneva when are you going to come visit me?

  5. I haven't put up fruit and vegetables since I've left home and was helping my mom, but was actually thinking about freezing some corn this year (since I now have a small freezer, and listening to some at work talk about how "easy" it is...). But now I remember why I don't ... of course, I would be doing it all alone, but it is just for me, so I'm not doing that much ... but Thanks Geneva, for the reality check! Now I remember ...!