Friday, January 27, 2006

Shameless Bragging

We have for years used carbohydrate incentives to get our children to participate at prayer meetings.

I remember one Wednesday evening when the MC, as always, gave everyone an opportunity to share a verse or testimony, and our row promptly popped out with memory verses, one by one. The speaker said he just wants to say how he appreciates our family and their participation plus lots more gushy compliments, and I wanted so badly to say, "Um, Brother, just so you know, we have a bag of chocolates waiting in the van."

In recent years, we stop at the Shell station after prayer meeting and anyone who shared a verse or prayer gets to pick out an ice cream bar. The clerk has gotten to recognizing us and if we miss a week she wonders where we were.

Last Wednesday night we picked out our treats and this clerk said that we have the politest children that she ever sees in that store and she just wants us to know that.

I instantly filled with helium and walked out to the car bobbing two feet off the ground. Anyone who knows me well knows how hard it has been to teach my children to think of others. So I felt like I was really reaping in due season, even though I have "fainted" at times in the process. And thanks to God for the strength to keep going.

Quote of the Day:
"Shall I preach an outrageous sermon so they don't notice?"
--Paul, on a Saturday night, when I gave him a haircut, made a few mis-cuts, and dreaded having anyone see him on Sunday


  1. We have for years used carbohydrate incentives to get our children to participate at prayer meetings.

    Please keep the parenting tips coming.

    Perhaps once a week you could substitute Quote of the Day with Parenting Tip of the Week.


  2. At least you've been consistent---you even did that when you taught school. ;-)

  3. finally, you come clean

  4. if its any comfort to you, i did not notice mr. smucker's haircut :) i did notice that he used that "are you in trouble" question. :]

  5. Yea, I noticed that question about the flowers too. I had this real satisfaction knowing that maybe its because I suggested it!!! Just kidding. LOL!!!!!!!

  6. I'm speechless. To think downright uh-pauling. 'Twould appear that you are catering to the tastebuds rather than training the heart. But on the other hand, I suppose that Mamma's emotions are important, too.


  7. Hi just found your blog by searching my name. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Sounds like you are a great mother. Good job.