Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dear me

Yesterday Amy and I babysat John and Laura’s two youngest, so when Laura returned she brought with her a sack of goodies from Bath and Body Works. I chose a bottle of hand soap for myself, and since Amy wasn’t here right then, I chose a bottle of blue bath spray for her.

This morning Amy wanted her bath spray and it was nowhere to be found. Finally I called Laura. Yes, she chuckled, I picked it out for Amy and then promptly stuck it back in the bag and Laura found it after she got home.

I am already famous for being absentminded but dealing with grief has made it much worse. Saturday night I made a grilled cheese sandwich without any cheese. Sunday I wore both glasses and contact lenses to church…and wondered why Paul looked so smudged up there in the pulpit.

Thankfully I am surrounded by patient and loving people.

Quote of the Day:
"You know you're a warehouse worker when you take a half-hour nap on a forklift."


  1. "paul looking smudged in the pulpit " made me laugh....
    I remember when Marc's brother was killed, I had absolutely no idea how to do our laundrey. I finally sent it home with some kind soul. You have been on my mind alot, although I have never met you. God bless and heal each of you who are grieving this huge loss.

  2. Go easy on yourself.......sounds like your brain and emotions have managed to hit overload. You have been on my mind too. I am aware of the situation because I know Anna's brother Glen and his wife Laura, in addition to reading your blog.
    Remembering you ALL to our heavenly Father.
    p.s.~~ I got a visual image of your husband looking smudged and I just had to chuckle!!

  3. You know, Dorcas... as deeply as you can grieve, that is as deeply as you can rejoice. Actually, it's the other way around. We were made for joy and delight and our capacity to do so was full. Then Sin came and now we have that capacity to weep and grieve.

    I love you so much. I'm so thankful that you are expressing your sorrow. It is something to groan and weep about. It's more than just missing him, it's the horrible effects of sin, too. I wish I could give you a hug right now. You are so special, and so is Smudged Small Pucker