Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yay for Dad

I am very glad my boys have a dad. They frequently come up with some bright idea that makes me blanche with fear, whereupon they try to convince me that their scheme is completely sound and sane.

Two recent examples:
1. Riding down the road on their bikes "no hands"
2. Making grand plans for Ben's birthday party in a few weeks: having half a dozen friends (but no adults) over and camping by the creek behind Arnold Knox's and going swimming and roasting marshmallows over a fire in the evening and cooking breakfast over a fire the next morning, never mind that this is the extreme fire danger season

"Oh, MOM, it's perfectly safe!"

How grateful I was to Paul, who said, "Absolutely not!" in that tone that boys do not argue with.

Quote of the Day:
Jenny: I don't know if I have wisdom teeth or not.
Emily: Jenny, I don't even have wisdom teeth!
Jenny: Girls don't get wisdom teeth?


  1. Ha ha!

    The Baritone

  2. I can go one better. :)

    Son ringing home from trawler 40 miles offshore: 'I went scurfing today.'
    Me: ' I thught you were still at sea.'

    Son: 'We are. We scurfed behind the trawler.'


    I pray daily the God keeps that boy safe.