Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life and Stuff

Joy and sorrow, it is said, come down the same tracks and arrive at about the same time.*

In my case, I am still dealing with my nephew's death and there are some very exciting things happening with my new book.

Grieving now is like walking down the beach, and all is normal for a few hours, and then I trip over a rock, (e.g. I see an advertisement in a farm paper for Western jeans and shirts), and a big rogue wave washes over me.

And meanwhile, the Tri-County News, which I admit is not the New York Times or anything, but it's a nice little local paper, did a very nice article and picture on me and Ordinary Days. And I just got scheduled for a book signing at Barnes and Noble (which means I've officially Made It as an author, I'm told) and the Mennonite Weekly Review is doing a story in their August 7 issue. (I got bumped out of the July 31 issue by Floyd Landis, so at least in the MWR's eyes, if no one else's, I come in second to Floyd.)

It would be nice to get a little more excited about all this but as I told Paul the other day, "I would happily give it all up if it would bring Leonard back." And Paul being a logical Smucker said, "There is no connection between the two."

He's right. I guess I'm in the bargaining phase of grief that I read about. And maybe one small benefit of this tragedy will be to keep me grounded and to keep things in perspective if the book continues to do well.

But I am trying to enjoy my current success, since I've waited for this for years.

*Not sure who first wrote that, but I heard it from Betty Miller. She and I were the speakers at the women's retreat in Georgia in 2003. She knew whereof she spoke.

Quote of the Day:
"It's easier to buy coffee than gas."
--my brother Marcus, on driving through little towns on the West Coast. Harrisburg, for instance, has one gas station that doesn't always have gas, and three little caboose-type espresso stands


  1. Well let me be the first blog friend to congratualate you.

    I am soooo envious!

  2. Congratulations!! A job well done!

  3. Good for you, Dorcas.
    I hate to break it to you, but you probably come in second to Floyd in the eyes of the whole sports world!

  4. Leonard is as important to God as Floyd is, no disrespect to Floyd.

  5. Julana, what I meant was that in a bike race Floyd would come in first and I would come in close to last. But in the MWR news lineup I do much better, and come in right behind Floyd.

  6. Well, there are plenty of us out here who think your local paper would probably do a much better job covering you than would the current New York Times, anyway! Congratulations--

    Cara from Eugene

  7. Lenny was happy for others in their moments of accomplishments and sucsess--live it up lady and enjoy to the fullest!=) You deserve it

  8. After reading Marcus' comment, the laughter washed over me - somehow Aunt Vina and Charles just made that comment utterly hilarious. In the depths of grief come moments of sheer pleasure. Wish your readers knew Vina!!!!!!!
    -sil geneva(PS> to the readers, i gave my congrats to dorcas via phone)

  9. Dorcas,
    Sorry, I'm sleep-deprived and a little slow.
    But that is very funny, now that I got the point! :-)
    Congratulations on that book. I'm one of those people who would like to write a book but evidently don't have the perseverance and self-discipline.
    Maybe if I had five children and a farmhouse. . . . :-)