Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today's Letter from Harrisburg is about our recent canoe/camping trip down the Willamette River.

P.S. And please, please remember that it's wil-LAM-mut and not willa-MET.

P.P.S. Amy and I just now looked up "Willamette River" on Wikipedia to see why it's pronounced like it is. No answer to that one, but there, just a bit down the page, was a photo of the Willamette at Harrisburg, including the riverbank where we sat the other evening listening to the Knox Brothers and watching the fireworks. How cool is that? You can see it up close here.


  1. Bravo! Once again it is very interesting. 8)

  2. I loved the article. That canoe trip sounds like a lot of fun, I will have to try to talk Dennis into going on one.

  3. Arlene--I suppose you realize we practically went through your backyard. I was tempted to hang out at your house a while.

  4. Love it, love it!

    We've talked about canoeing a stretch of the Missouri (Lewis and Clark's trail), but after reading this article, I may not be up for the adventure after all. Maybe if we'd avoid the funny-looking water, I could stay a safe distance from the darker depths of my soul. :)

  5. QWhat a relief! I shall now remember the Correct pronunciation since I was too lazy to check the dictionary.