Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ich Haeh fon ein Singer*

One of my favorite singers emailed me today and said that someone referred him to my blog and the post about his music. And he commented, the first time he's commented on a blog--actually, he says, the first time he's read a blog.

Yes, none other than John Schmid.

Ok, for me this is like Ben hearing from Steve Nash, or Emily from Gail Carson Levine, or Jenny from Barbara Park, the author of Junie B Jones.

See proof here.
(click "show original post" if need be and scroll down to the end)

Quote of the Day:
"I actually was able to post a comment! Not bad for a dutchman whose computer is black and is powered by kerosene."
--John Schmid

*Trans: I hear from a singer.


  1. wow, what a nice "happy" for your day! ryc: thanks for the fire starter idea, now we need to go camping! =)

  2. I like his cd's too. He needs to come out here to Oregon and have a concert!

  3. Sweet! This would be like me hearing from Michael Schumacher or Mario Andretti, or Mark Trammell or Ernie Haase.