Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer in Oregon

Last night I went on a long bike ride.

The air was cooling off after a hot day and smelled of grass-seed harvest. Golden windrows lay across large flat fields. As I rode along Isom Road, balers and stackers zipped around a nearby field, raising a cloud of dust illuminated by the sun setting behind Mary's Peak.

I think the Willamette Valley in summer is just about as close to Heaven as we get on Earth.

Quote of the Day:
"One of the great things about being male is your phone conversations last less than ten seconds."
--Matt, after a phone conversation that consisted, on his end, of "Yeah?. . . See ya."


  1. Just for what it's worth, I've talked for over 2 hours on the phone before. Not very often, mind you, but it has happened. And I'm not dating, either. :-)

  2. ydy? Is that kind of like the Dutch that I don't understand in this blog occasionally, either?

  3. Anon--see, qwert had commented that mysterious little abbreviation on her brother's Xanga, so last night I asked her what it meant, so she sweetly put it in my comments today. Hence that wicked-grin emoticon.
    It means "Yeah, definitely yeah."

  4. Aha, so I see! Baritone has time occasionally for long phone conversations, which enlighten only one other person. If he instead took that time to blog, it would be SO much more time-efficient, as he would be enlightening countless throngs with one effort.

    Thanks for interpreting for me, and also for allowing me to use your comments column as a devious, anonymous soapbox from which to speak to Baritone. His phone line's busy, so I can't get through to speak to him directly.

    I also wholeheartedly support the premise of your post. I can be a bit radical on that subject myself.

  5. Who in the world are you, anon? Anyway, the line's open now, at least as I type this. Can't guarantee anything, though. :-)