Monday, July 30, 2007

Guilt and Goodbyes

Becky and Rod and the boys left this morning, leaving behind them a bunch of good memories and two sloshy balls the size of tennis balls, one filled with fake blood and eyeballs, the other with green slop and maggots that I really hope are fake. Blech. Six boys under one roof, you know.

Now we are trying to check everything off a long list before Amy and Emily and I leave on our long road trip this afternoon.

All prayers appreciated for our journey. My faithful reader EG asked if I'll update on the road. I said I'd try.

I suppose it was time for Becky to leave. I may have mentioned how utterly spaced out I get while she's here. Well. Yesterday about midafternoon the kids were messing around in the living room and then I heard Steven and Derek singing "Happy Birthday" to Ben.

I freaked out. It was Ben's 14th birthday and I had completely forgotten. He was very forgiving but I am still consumed with guilt on steroids. "What kind of mom. . . ??" etc. etc.

In my defense, we had already decided to have a party after we get back from our trip and to buy him a bike like we do all the kids when they turn 14.

But still, that was almost unforgiveable.

Quotes of the Day:
"Bye Doggie, I don't think I'll miss you."
--my nephew Derek, telling Hansie the Huge Hairy Snuffling Dog goodbye

"Why is Aunt Becky, when she laughs hard, she claps her hands?"

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  1. Have a safe and fun journey and make lots of wonderful "Amy-Memories" to tide you thru the school year! Tell Amy good-bye for me....somehow I missed that! And I'm sending my friends your way at Ken's Joys! Pauline