Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sister Times

On Thursday we drank way too much coffee and that night we went out on the town--me, Amy, Emily, and Becky. Somehow Becky and I got the idea that we were still teenagers. We had a great time and then at 11 pm we went out for ice cream. And then we stayed up talking until 1:30.

The next day we paid dearly for our licentiousness, turning into pitiful crippled old ladies. I took a nap, then she took a nap, then I got a horrible migraine, then she got one. We crept around here and slept and took Motrin and felt sorry for each other. Finally in the evening we felt good enough to sit on the porch and talk.

And then today we felt nice and chipper. We went out for breakfast at a diner in Harrisburg and kept track of how often the waitress called us "Sweetie." The final score was 5-2 in my favor, making up a bit for all the times our brother Fred told us that Becky was pretty and I was ugly.

Since Becky lives in a Muslim country, she looked at the menu and announced that she wants to eat something that oinks! And we did, a big bacon-and-cheese omelet.

And then we went garage saling! That's me on the left and Becky on the right.

Then this evening my brother Phil and his family came down and the cousins had a great time looking at Jason and Keith's yearbook, especially since they are very nonchalant about the fact that they go to school with the President of Yemen's kids, and when they go on field trips they are accompanied by carfuls of soldiers and trucks with mounted guns. And that their classmates will fly off to Paris or Saudi Arabia for the weekend to shop. No big deal.

Good times.

Quote of the Day:

"That is ghastly!"

--Becky, not intending a pun, when she saw how much it costs to fill the van up with gas

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you sisters recovered. Have a wonderful trip.