Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The lamb stays.
Steven named him Homer.
Paul bought milk replacer.
Homer climbed out of the plastic tote he was in.
And peed in Jenny's shoe.
She was not happy.
But she still loves him.
Tonight he goes out in the shed with the chickens.


  1. Is Homer staying for good? I'd surely hope so.
    You know what this means?
    This is just so can shear him eventually... spin yarn....oh, so by April when your new book comes out appropriately named Downstairs The Queen Is Knitting.....from the yarn taken from Homer. Or something like that.

  2. OH--I LOVE lambs!! Photo, pretty please, of Homer and his rescuers:)

  3. What a wonderful parallel for Steven!! And what a good experience for the whole clan.

  4. I vote for a picture too. :) And keep us updated on the care involved. We have a whole 9 acres and need to do something with it!

  5. Little lambs grow up to become dumb dirty sheep.

    Psalm 23 wasn't written for nothin'.

  6. LOL You made me smile.....AGAIN!!