Monday, January 19, 2009

Shameless Begging for Sympathy

I had hopes of making some serious inroads on my projects after the holidays: designing and shopping for a new kitchen, sewing, and organizing the office.

Well. Ever since Christmas, I have been either gone or sick. I came home from Virginia sick, recovered enough to go to Colorado, and have been dragging around ever since like there's a 50-pound sack of orchardgrass on my shoulders.

Today I finally called the doctor. How high is your fever? Umm, not that high, maybe 99-100. Are you coughing up green phlegm? (Love that medical nonchalance). Well, not usually. Ok, well, keep drinking fluids and keep an eye on your symptoms and call us in a day or two.

Why did I hope she would say I have all the signs of galloping double pneumonia and emphysemic pleurisy and have to get to the hospital immediately? Probably because I want something to happen beyond this being just barely well enough to cook supper and do two loads of laundry but taking all day to do it.

Sigh. One of the worst things about this ordeal is that people keep expecting me to talk. It's terrible. Phone calls, questions, discussions I'm expected to contribute to, on and on. I think, Dear me, do I really talk this much on a normal basis? It hurts to talk and it sends me into spasms of coughing.

This evening I took Jenny to her piano lesson and tried to sleep in the car while I waited on her. Then we started home:

Quote of the Day:
Me: Jenny, can you please please stop asking me so many questions?
Jenny: Ok. . .
What is a plight?
What does the inside of a jail look like?
Did you know I got a dart gun at the dollar store that's still really good?
Did you know the chickens eat shrews?
Oh, sorry Mom, I keep forgetting. . .
Mom? Oh, this is a stupid question so I won't ask. . .
Mom! Do you know what this means--'Your walk talks and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks'?
Why does my hair seem to frizz out?
Can we listen to the radio?
Radio: I am convinced there are still systematic efforts to keep African-Americans from voting. .
Jenny: Who's talking?
Me: (changes stations)
Radio: Rid takes it up the middle! It's 22-19 Blazers!
Jenny: Yesss!!!
Jenny: (listens silently)
Me: (silently) Yesss!!!


  1. I feel your pain.....if I could cook up some miracle chicken soup for you, I would! Pauline