Monday, January 12, 2009


I posted some pictures on Facebook, yes I did. From Redmond, Virginia, DC, Colorado, and maybe a few other places too. [ I'm trying to do this in such a way that you don't have to sign in to Facebook to see the photos. Since it's a lot easier for me to put pictures on Facebook than Blogger. Three tries later it still doesn't work. Aarrgghh]
[Still doesn't work. Matt, can you help me out?? Amy? Tom?? Hans???]

One more try. See if this works.
Special thanks to Ellen!


  1. oh groan now we have to go to facebook to see your pics? Be merciful and post them here too. I mean if we go over there we may get hit with flying pigs or poked or something. Spare us!

  2. I'm with the above. I am not going to do it. Sorry.

  3. Aaw, I appreciate you trying. Blogger is quite cumbersome putting photos on and then I have tried reusing some to save on space and they won't let me.

    I just realized something....
    The little delete button by my comments look like a little laundry soap cap. Hee hee! Lots of laundry on the brain lately between sick cat and dog to whimpy to go outside.

  4. Ask Ellen. She did it recently.

  5. Um, well I went & looked. Lovely photos. But why is blogger hard? Compared to some places I've tried to post pics blogger is a piece of cake.

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  7. Ganeida--
    With Blogger, I have to pull the photos off my card, make them smaller, save them, and then post them. And they're very hard for me to label, move around, etc, and sometimes they disappear, and sometimes they replicate themselves. Facebook had fewer steps.

  8. Am glad it worked! Another "plus" for using Facebook for your photos is that you can "tag", or "label", people who appear in the pictures. That way a simple cursor hover over a person's face will reveal that person's name to the viewer!

  9. Swell

    That is my word verification for this post and it suits!! I thought to check one more time to see if the link worked. I enjoyed the pictures. Standing in line for welfare checks, huh? That one made me laugh. Burp? On the nuker. LOLOL