Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On Facebook

I enjoyed this literary look at Facebook.

" Facebook is now officially open to oldsters."


"The poet (and Friend) Troy Jollimore compares the Status Update to an epitaph, and notes that “we might think of one’s epitaph as the very last status update.”"

Meanwhile, my young friend qwertle says:

my xanga is getting abandoned in favor of facebook."

I think this is happening a lot, and that makes me sad.


  1. I also did a Facebook post this morning -- regarding their rights with your material.

    I suppose outfits like Blogger and Xanga and MySpace have similar terms of use.

    So I'm glad I host my own blogs. ;)

    PS: The word verification below is fulati. I wonder if just might be a real word. Dictionary says it isn't. Oh well.

  2. Oh I hope xangas and other post sites won't get abandoned! I like facebook for quick up-dates, and it's good to be able to stay in touch with people who don't like writing so much, they tend to favor facebook. But when I want something more thought provoking, humorous, informative... I go to xanga.

  3. My kids got me into blogging and now they've both pretty much abandoned it in favor of facebook. Muy triste!

    But the main reason I'm leaving a comment today is to tell you I chose you to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award! Stop by to see what nice things I had to say about you :-)

  4. What do blog formats and fashion have in common? Both are cyclical. Don't worry it should only be a few months until everyone is back on xanga.:)