Thursday, January 29, 2009


As I mentioned not long ago, Emily is moving, she likes to sew, and she needs a serger, an obvious sign from God that I should give her my old serger and upgrade.

So I went shopping on Craigslist and today I bought a White Speedylock 1600 from a woman who had bought it, used it once, and put it away because she was afraid of it, it was so complicated. Oh how I love people like this, and Craigslist.

I set up the serger on the kitchen table. It purrs like a kitten and has lots of lovely features, such as a differential feed and free-arm option. It's easy to thread, and the tension is easy to adjust.

Then after supper I went to my sewing room to pack up my old serger for Emily. And suddenly I was awash in nostalgia and guilt, like I was sending a faithful old horse off to the dog-food factory.

I got that serger, a Toyota, in Minneapolis at a JoAnn Fabrics, back when I was pregnant with Emily. I had saved up my pennies for a long time, and then one slushy March Paul and I left Matt and Amy with my folks at Grove City and drove to the big city and bought this lovely new machine.

It went to Weagamow Lake with us that fall, then back to Dryden three years later, then to Oregon. In the last 18 years it has sewed bazillions of little dresses and t-shirts and pants and pajamas and jackets and aprons and bags and blankets. I've had my moments with it, especially with threading that bottom looper, but overall it has been a faithful and true servant.

And now I'm upgrading to something much better, so I shouldn't really be this sad, should I? But I am. Take good care of it, Emily. Give it an extra scoop of oats for me now and then.


  1. I'm sure the old serger will be quite happy with Emily, maybe even rejoice in getting to sew more funky than traditional items, you're giving it a renewed lease on life:) (Not that you don't sew funky things) OK, I'll stop before I get in too deep. Enjoy the new White guilt free.
    I enjoy reading your blog, have a great week. SuEllen

  2. I think you are reacting to the change of having to let go of your daughter; hence the sadnes about the serger. I don't do change very well either, and when I'm having to deal with a big change, sometimes the inconsequential little ones are where some of the feelings come out. But I know our Lord gives grace (I've had to learn) and I will pray for you.

  3. Humph. Since when do I qualify as the dog food factory???


  4. Ugh, I hear you on the bottom looper. I hope Emily gives it the tenderness and patience the old horse deserves... If these old pressure feet could talk.

    I too think it is not so much the serger you are saying goodbye to, but mommyhood of young children.

    As I looked through my pattern box today looking for a sleeper outfit pattern for my daughter, who is expecting, I saw all the patterns of dresses I had made her in the past. I had thought I would just give her the box of patterns, but as I looked at them I had the happy thought, "Now I will have little ones to sew for again! I'm keeping them!!"

    May your grandchildren live close enough that they take you for granted and groan when you tell that story about their mom/dad AGAIN. It doesn't get any better.

  5. If you got the first serger when you were pregnant with Emily, of course it's hers!

  6. Bless you for giving Emily your serger - you are one sweet mother!

    Now that you have given her your serger, perhaps you might surprise her with a HUGE gift: like an embroidery machine! Hey! this will take you to a brand new level of sewing! I kid you not! You will dream of things to make and the only problem is you cannot buy time, least of all on Craig's list nor eBay, nor....She might get so good at it, she could even make money with it!!

  7. Ypu are fortunate to find things on CraigsList. So far I've been out of luck for anything.

  8. sergers scare me. lol. i wish i knew how to use one. i have my great sewing machine... and quilt and such, but just don't serge.

    i do understand the nostalgia, though. :)