Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, this is where I scream and tear out my hair.
Or something.
I just got into our main, family email account, the one from which I send out my articles, Paul does his business email, we communicate with family, etc etc.
And the messages are there [at least the ones since the last crash] but all the addresses are GONE.
All of you who have told me to get a program besides Juno can now say I Told You So.
Thankfully, at least some of this was backed up not too long ago.
But we have a lot of hard, slogging work ahead to pull it all back together.

Quote of the Day:
"Why? Did you hear something?"
--what Matt says he said that time he was doing an experiment and all the lights dimmed and he nearly zapped himself senseless and his dad came upstairs and said, "What are you doing up here??"


  1. Oh no! I am truly sorry to hear about your PC troubles. That can be very frustrating.
    Wishing you well as you try to retrieve the addresses.
    Blessings, aimee

  2. My problem has to do with corrupted photo files. I'm clueless...

  3. That's my worst fear ...
    one of my worst fears ...
    We have Juno for our e-mail and I've heard horror stories before.
    I hope this all works out for you.