Friday, April 03, 2009

Book News

Oh. My.
This is really happening.
You can read a review of Emily's book (entitled "Emily") on and
And you can pre-order it.
See, Emily won't be getting royalties from these places, as she was paid a lump sum by the publisher.
So, her only way to profit on an ongoing basis from her efforts is to order the book from her.
Or from me, and of course I am not keeping a commission.
So, check out the reviews if you like.
And wait for further instructions about ordering it directly.
If you don't mind, of course, since I shouldn't tell you what to do or not do.
A big hug to everyone who has followed her story.

edited to add: Emily posted on Facebook that she was trying to spread the news about this last night but no one would answer their phone. Well. One person she tried to call was Paul, who at the moment was up front at church carefully handing out communion bread. Thankfully his phone was on "vibrate." "Something happened to me tonight that has never happened before," he said afterwards.
another edit: No, he didn't answer his phone then.


  1. Good deal! And congratulations to all featured in this post. Chirp, chirp

  2. Can't wait to order the book! J.Jutzi

  3. Congrats to Emily! What an accomplishment!
    -LaDonna Nice

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but is it traditional that Mennonites have communion on the first Sunday in April? Hans Mast's church was having communion then as well which is why I was curious.

  5. Karen Layman4/06/2009 11:46 AM

    I think that is hilarious!! There he was doing the "preacher thing" and prob being all solemn and all the while he can feel his phone vibrating away in his pocket...and he is probably hoping with all his might that no one is hearing that buzzing noise. lol

  6. Josh--Mennonite tradition is to have a communion service around Easter. Our congregation always has our service on Good Friday. This year we had it a week earlier because so many of us will be traveling to Iowa this Friday for nephew Randy's wedding.